Why is a Niche Important?

Okay.  You’re ready to build a website.  You’re ready to blog to your hearts content and inform and help people and even maybe make some money along the way.  “But wait!” I th-94say.  “What is it going to be about?  What is your niche?”  You answer and say, “I don’t know what the heck a niche is and why is a niche important, anyway?  Well, that’s what I’m about to explain to you, so, you might as well sit back, relax and listen.  Why?  Because a niche is VERY important.  It’s important for your website, your traffic, your income.  So, let’s sort it all out.

What is a Niche?

[niCH, nēSH]
1. a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service:
“he believes he has found a niche in the market” ·
“smaller cooperatives must find and develop a niche for their speciality product”

The key word here is specialized.  Whatever you are planning on blogging about, selling, building your website around, etc., needs to be a specialized segment of a broader field.  What I mean is, to be successful, or at least more successful, faster, is to be specific, not broad.  Don’t write about golf.  That’s too broad of a subject.  Break it down and write maybe about golf clubs.  That may even be a too broad of subject.  Let’s narrow it on down and write about a specific golf club; the putter.  Now you’re in a specialized segment of golf.  Now you have your niche.

Why Not Broad?

Well, you could go as broad as you want.  If you use a keyword tool like Jaaxyand enter the word golf, it will show over 596,000 searches and 101,000 of those searches will go to your website IF you are ranked on the first page of Google search.  However, when you check the competition it shows there are 534 websites competing for that same broad th-95niche, Golf.  It would be a hard, long road getting ranked ahead of all those existing websites.  Okay, now enter golf clubs.  It is still way too broad because there are 649 websites for golf clubs already!  Narrow it down to putters.  Now you’re down to 7,000 searches with 1,200 traffic and the competition is only 246 websites.  Getting better.  Let’s go one better and get even more specific.  Ping Putters.  Now you have 4,000 searches and 700 in traffic, but your competition is down to 99.  See why the niche is important?  Let’s really get into a tight niche.  Let’s go with left-handed ping putters.  Now your searches are only 40 a month, with 7 in traffic.  However, your competition is only 17.  But, getting ranked higher by Google will be much easier and you know that the people coming to your website will be specifically there for a left-handed Ping putter!  I, personally, would rather have potential 7 a month visitors ranked on first page of Google than potential 100,000 visitors a month and not ranked on first page.  Because, if you’re even on the second page of Google searches, you’re not going to get hardly any traffic.  You MUST strive to be on first page.  

Just an Example

I’m not saying to choose your niche based on 7 visits a month to your website.  I was just showing you this example so you would understand the importance of a niche.  But, again, it would depend on how you are running your website.  If you are doing blogs to help bring traffic in, then yes, I would write a blog based on 7 visits a month with low competition because if I have 10 of those, then that’s 70 a month visits, 840 hits a year.  Again, this is just an example to get your wheels turning and maybe think outside the box a little.  If you are persistent with your keyword search, you can find some nice high traffic phrases with very little competition.  I’ve got one blog that was over 1,600 a month traffic with a 7 competition!

The Title

The title of your website doesn’t necessarily have to be a low search word or phrase.  Especially, if your blogging to bring in traffic.  My title “The Road to Internet Success” showed less than 10 searches a month.  But, all my blogs are using very low competition titles to bring in my traffic.  My new website titles are using lower competition phrases just to help give an extra boost in the Google searches.  You can go either way.


The bottom line is research and find you a niche.  You can get traffic and make money from any niche that you can possibly think of.  So, don’t worry about if this or that is good enough.  You’ll be surprised at what all people are searching for on the internet!  Just be sure to not be too broad with your interest and get specific.  Have a niche.  You’ll be more pleased with your results in the end.

To learn more about using keyword tools, read my blog, “How to Search For a Keyword”.  To learn more about finding niches, building your website, etc. go here.

Happy blogging!


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