What’s the Best Web Hosting Company? Are They Worth the Money?



Recently, I decided to search the internet to see who the best website hosting providers were.  I never realized there were so many.  You have GoDaddy, HostGator, Webs.com, EHost, HostClear, iPage, IdeaHost, BlueHost, SiteBlog, and it goes on and on. But what’s the best web hosting company?

The Best Web Hosting Company

I’m going to be different and tell you which one is upfront and then work our way backward.  The best hosting company out there is Wealthy Affiliate.  And they are only $47 a month.  What? Wait!  You’ve seen much, much cheaper out there, you say?  You’ve seen that cost a whole year of hosting at some companies?  Yes, I’m sure you have.  But you get what you pay for.  

The Cheap Ones

Ok, and by cheap, I mean inexpensive.  The real popular ones like HostGator and GoDaddy have plans for $3.95 and $5.99 a month respectively.  This is all and good if you’re just starting out and playing around with a site or trying to learn how to handle a website.th-5  These are low quality hosting services.  Their security is questionable and they’re cramming you on a server with thousands of other unmonitored domains which slows down your site.  I definitely wouldn’t host my WordPress site on these.

Quality Hosting

If you are serious about starting a business on the internet, then you need to have a serious hosting service.  You need to have quality hosting.  One that you can count on.  One that doesn’t sacrifice quality for volume.  This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.  I tried to find quality hosting companies that compared to WA and yes, I found some that offered a quality host service close to WA.  But the cost wasn’t close.  To get what WA offered through WPEngine, will cost you $249 a month.  GoDaddy does have a package similar but it’s $99 a month.  And this, also, is just the hosting end.

What They Don’t Have

These other hosting sites don’t have:

  • Comment spam management (so you don’t get it in the first place)
  • Full Redundancy
  • Automated recovery processes
  • Personal website monitoring and maintenance
  • The ability to move websites from one domain to another
  • The ability to start a FREE website upon demand  (25 of them)
  • Removal of “rogue” plugins and themes

All of this you get with the Premium level at Wealthy Affiliate for $47 a month.

Plus More Than Just Hosting

Along with the great hosting at WA, you also get:

  • Keyword research tools
  • The Community and live help
  • Personal access to the owners
  • Access to industry experts                              th-6
  • Incentive programs
  • Weekly live video classes
  • Training from 1,000’s of resources
  • Lucrative affiliate program
  • Ambassadorship program
  • Unlimited access to Website Builder
  • And much more!

And everything here is all you need to build a website and business on the internet.  Plus, have your websites (up to 50) hosted.

More Than Hosting

Website hosting should be more than just hosting, and at a high quality hosting company it is.  At WA, everything is of the utmost quality along with your 24/7/365 website support.  Choose them as your hosting company and you will have peace of mind knowing your website is truly being watched over and the people there are as concerned about your website as you are.

No need to look any further, try them out now.  In fact, you can try them out with two websites for free to see that they are all I am claiming they are. I am confident you’ll agree and will be coming back here to thank me.   Go HERE for more information or if you’ve seen enough then go here to get your hosting now!


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7 Replies to “What’s the Best Web Hosting Company? Are They Worth the Money?”

  1. Great review of a great platform!

    I am enjoying Wealthy Affiliate already for 6 months, and I can tell you I don’t want anything else anymore! Great webhosting, great services. It taught me to be an expert in internet marketing. The webhosting is amazing and very cheap. I have had websites on cheaper hosting platforms, but Wealthy Affiliate tops them all

  2. Thanks for this post. It is very informative and truthful Wealthy Affiliate is more than just hosting. The community the supports this platform is second to none. A wonderful group of people. I have gained a lot of knowledge at WA.
    Good Read!

    1. Thanks Luna! There are hundreds of folks at WA that are willing to take whatever time needed to help you if you get stuck or need any answers, whatsoever. It is such a good feeling to know someone always has your back. I have come home.

  3. I’ve been on Wealthy Affiliate for 3 weeks, and I am enjoying it. It is a great community, and I love how quickly you build your own community. I got help from people with building my website. I love how everybody helps each other out. It is a great way to drive traffic to your site. I host my site on Wealthy Affiliate and I find it better..and cheaper..than BlueHost or iPage.

  4. Hi Grant, this is real good information. I am excited about the content and layout. Well done. I have book marked this page for future reference as I know it will help me when I need the above information. I noticed you have the request for email and website in your post comment which is what I am looking for. Can you tell me how you did that. Thanks AJ

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