What Is the Best Way to Work From Home?



Okay, I know what “you guys” idea of working from home is.  Roll out of bed whenever           you finally wake up, make some coffee, throw your laptop on the couch and head back into the kitchen.  Pour your coffee and head back to the couch…..wait…grab a couple of donuts.  Now, head back to the couch with your “breakfast” and grab the remote and switch on the tv to the cartoon channel.  Wait, dang it, forgot to open the blinds.  But, not too much since you’re only wearing your boxers and the mail lady walks right by the window if you’ve got mail.  So, you open the blinds, sit back down put the laptop in your lap while drinking coffee in one hand, eating a donut with the other, only to set it down to peck a few keys before you take another bite.  The whole time, your favorite cartoons are playing in the background.  Man, what a gig this is.  How could you not love your work.

Real Life

Maybe in the movies you could work from home like this, but, in real life, you wouldn’t get a lot of quality work completed.  At least not in a very short period of time.  No, things need to be a little more structured to be successful.  A strong work ethic would also go a long way.  Why would you want to work from home anyway?

Money Saved

Well, to start, you could easily save quite a few bucks each month by working from home.  You would have a lot less gasoline bill from not having to drive anywhere.  The wear and tear on your vehicle would be saved.  Eating lunch out everyday can really add up before you know it.  You would save all that.  Wouldn’t have to spend so much on clothes for work.  And then, on top of that, there would be some write offs at the end of the year on your work space from home if done correctly.  Although, it’s nothing like in yesteryear.

Work Space

So, the best way to work from home is to treat it like you are “going to work”.  First, set up th-73your very own office space.  This is your space; desk, table, chair, files; whatever you’re using for your work.  Get together everything you would need during your daily actions at work and have it ready.  If you have a family you need to make sure they understand this is your space for work.  They shouldn’t go in and rummage through your work area no more than they would go to the bank and rummage through the bank president’s desk.  And they need to understand that when you’re at your desk, you ARE at work and during those designated times, you need to have your privacy unless an absolute emergency.

Daily Routine

Next, you should set up your daily routine.  If you were in the office your boss wouldn’t let you just wander in whenever you finally crawled out of bed, so don’t do that to yourself.  Set yourself up a set routine.  I’m not saying you have to get up early or even start work the same time that you would in the public workplace, but, it should be the same each day.  Give it good thought and plan your schedule where it will work best for you.  Take your breaks, the same;  your lunch the same time; stop and start the same time, whether it’s a two hour work day or 8.  Just have a set routine and you’ll be shocked to see how much more fruitful your work is.


The setting up a routine part has a lot to do with good work ethic and good self-discipline.  The better you are at these, the more you’ll get accomplished and the faster you’ll get results.  I struggle with the self-discipline part as a lot of people do.  And that first few th-75weeks of working from home can really be a struggle. If you don’t have the right mindset  you’ll find there’s nothing being completed as fast as you want and then you all of a sudden realize there’s not the income you were hoping.  So, take this serious.  There are a some great books out there on self-discipline and organization.  In fact, three must have books for developing discipline, getting organized and just having a better life are Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen, Get It Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More by Steve Robbins and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey   If you need a boost in this area, be sure to read these.    Any one or all would be beneficial to you in your endeavor.


So, summarizing, it’s pretty simple and straight forward.

  • Set up a work space
  • Designate your work boundaries
  • Establish a routine
  • Work on self-discipline

It doesn’t seem like much, but each thing is important.  And the sum of it all will greatly improve your chances of success.


Once you’ve got your work area together there are all kinds of opportunities out there for working from home.  Even if you’re working a 9 to 5 day job in an office, approach your boss about maybe doing some of the work from home.  Maybe try it out for one day a week to see how it goes.  There are companies that are seriously looking for people who work from home.  You could look into some of these depending on your experience.

  • virtual customer service
  • tutor students
  • medical transcriptionist
  • translator
  • call center representative

Work For Yourself

Maybe, one of these would work for you.  If not, you can join the thousands of folks that are entrepreneurs and have your own business from home.  There are quite a few options of what direction you can go.

  • affiliate marketer
  • email marketing
  • sell your own product
  • eBook marketing

A Mentor

If you decide to go any of these directions, your best bet is to find a mentor.  This will bring the fastest results for you as you’re not making the same mistakes someone else did.  th-71You’re being held by the hand and shown every step of the way what to do and what not to do.  They can help you build a website, write content, choose a niche, choose which route you want to take to earn an income and take you from start to finish.  This is where I learned and am still learning.   And the kicker to it, is these guys will help you for free.  Seriously?!  Yes.

Conclusion- Do It!

So start getting your work space and routine together and in the meantime click HERE to learn more about the fastest way to boost yourself into working from home full time!  If you don’t agree this is nothing less than awesome you can come back here and raise heck at me!  I mean it!

And please feel free to give me your take on all of this or any questions you may have in the comments section below.  Or, you can catch me at my profile on Wealthy Affiliate!

Happy Blogging!                                                                     th-26




4 Replies to “What Is the Best Way to Work From Home?”

  1. You are so right! I worked from home for several years, and routine was everything. Self discipline and establishing boundaries are necessary for success. Your blog is very encouraging and inspiring, Grant.

  2. Nice post on the best way to work from home. I love they way you start out this article. I feel that some people look at working at home as a cop out for doing a “real job” not knowing exactly how much really goes into it to become successful at it.

    I have been working from home for two years now and I am still working on the self discipline aspect! It is a lot harder for me than when I got up everyday and went to work at the same time, doing the say old crap day in and day out.

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