What Is The Best Internet Marketing Training? Does It Really Blow Your Socks Off!?


So, I was looking for the right marketing training so I could get my online business off the ground.  Well, I had been burnt before and more than once, so,  I was skeptical of everything I looked into.  Until…….   Can this be the one?  Can it possibly this good?  This thing is blowing my socks off, I thought.  Well, let’s see just what is the best internet marketing training and does it really blow your socks off?!

I have looked over hundreds of platforms online over the past few years to find the best training out there.  I’ve tried quite a few, also, and ended up pretty disappointed in most.  Especially the ones with the big gurus.  (You can check my review section)  I guess there are really two questions when looking for something like this.  WHAT is the best internet marketing training and WHO has the best internet marketing training.  I’ll go over a few key points you want to be looking for when on your search.  And, hopefully, I can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary searching.


First, of course, you need the training to be sufficient.  No, you need the training to be traininggreat!  The way I felt was, if this is going to be my escape from the rat race, I don’t want to settle for anything less than great,  awesome,  unbelievable training!  You should be able to learn how to build a website from scratch and all about the upkeep of that website.  You want to have courses on finding a niche, how to write content, how to acquire and build traffic to your website.  Maybe how to make videos and post them on your website.  How to upload videos for your website to YouTube.  PPC marketing would be nice to learn.  How to rank with Google, Bing and Yahoo.  The list can go on and on.  You can never learn too much if this is where you really want to make your living.  So, be sure and find plenty of training available and that it stays updated.  Live weekly training videos are always good because you know that it is current!


Of course, tools are truly important in your quest for pulling off a professional website.  You want to find a platform that will supply needed tools or have them built into your website and not offer them as an up-sell.  Many times you think you’re getting a great deal until the time comes for an SEO tool or spam protection or keyword tools.  Then you come to find out that, yes, these are available with an upgrade!  No.  These need to be included.  So make sure they are!


Something that I really want to make sure is available is excellent support.  I want to supportbe able to ask a question technically about my website or a question on the aspects of writing my content.  And I need to have that question answered immediately and/or issue corrected.  I don’t want to have to wait overnight for an email response.  Or maybe feedback!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get feedback regularly on your content, images or website overall?  What you’re doing wrong or praise on what you’re doing right?   All of this is very important if you are wanting to improve and progress toward your goal.  So, nothing less than 24/7, 365 day support.  Live chat is always extra good.  Nothing is better than one on one question and answer.

With only these three things, training, tools and support, you can progress with your new internet marketing business in large strides!  After searching and trying various platforms and gurus over the year, there has been one that has stood out.  One that has proven to be the cream of the crop.  The last stop of a lifelong search for the best internet marketing training!  And, yes, it blows your socks off!

Say Hello To Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is nothing less than a university of internet learning.  The training starts you from scratch and takes you through every step of the way to success.  Starting with classes available, here is a list.

Live Weekly Video Classes



Moving on to the tools section you will find the following available at no cost.

  • All-in-one-SEO
  • keyword tool
  • Pretty Link
  • SiteRubix SiteBuilder                          tools
  • SiteRubix SiteFeedback
  • SiteRubix SiteDomain
  • SiteRubix SiteComments
  • SiteProtect Spam Control

And much more available as you progress!  And never an upgrade needed to get these.

And then the support!  It is unsurpassed anywhere on the internet!  You have 24/7, 365 days a year.  Technical support is waiting to correct any problem that may arise, which are very few, if any, and to answer any and all questions that you might have.  And the turn around for a question is usually ten to fifteen minutes, sometimes faster.  And for help and support on your writing, niche search, images, how-to questions or questions because you may not understand a lesson or an inquiry on building and improving your website in general there is nothing the folks at Wealthy Affiliate can’t answer.  You are among hundreds that were once where you are and can help you get around your roadblocks.  I have hardly ever had to go to bed without an answer to a question.  And on the rare occasion that I may have asked a whopper, there was always an answer waiting for me the next morning.

Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best internet marketing training out there, bar none.  And, if you were to poll the thousands upon thousands that are learning members of Wealthy Affiliate, you would get a resounding, YES!  IT BLOWS YOUR SOCKS TOTALLY OFF!

Stop searching, stop procrastinating and go now and create your free account!  If you need a bit more information about WA first, then go here!

Happy Blogging!



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10 Replies to “What Is The Best Internet Marketing Training? Does It Really Blow Your Socks Off!?”

  1. The three most basic elements to look out for when searching for the right internet marketing training platform which you mentioned in your blog are well explained.

    When you look at the internet marketing pieces of training that are on the net, you see that these basic elements are lacking and even when they are present, deficiency is prevalent.

    I would always recommend WA any time any day, in fact, WA rocks. Thanks for the information, all the best, God bless you.

  2. Great post on what is the best Internet marketing training Grant!
    And I have to say that after reading your review (and being a member myself) I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate really does knock your socks off!
    And that is not hype at all!
    WA truly has the most comprehensive, up to date, value for money, and HONEST Internet marketing training available today!
    And you can start for free!
    Great review, you won’t go wrong with this training 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, John! Wa IS the best, hands down. And no one has to take my word for it. They can try it for free and see for themselves! How is that for confidence of a product!

  3. Hi Grant,
    Yup, I’ve been there. Paid for something, and it’s not as great as it seems. Support took forever to reply.
    But not at WA, if we run to any trouble, the community is the first to answer. You would most probably get it solved by one of the thousands of experienced members. If they can’t solved it, support will reply within one hour if not minutes.

    Great review. Keep it up.

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