What Is Instagram For Business And How You Can Benefit



Pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  Nice to look at.  Some are actually breathtaking and very interesting.  But, that’s all Instagram is good for.  Pictures.  Showing off your latest snapshot or iPhone gem.  Trying to see how many likes or shares you can get.  It’s okay for your leisure time.

That’s where you are missing the boat!  If you have a business, isn’t there a picture or two or more out there that can sum up what your business is about?   Isn’t there a picture or quote that might draw attention where they may want more?  Yes there is.  Just exactly what is Instagram for business?  It can be a lot, believe me.

New Demographics

There are over 150 million people using Instagram with over 50 million pictures added daily.  Over a period of a month, you have over 400,000,000 users log on Instagram.  Think about that!  For starters, this is opening the door for how many more people to become acquainted with your business?  About 149,999,000 more than are familiar with it now, maybe?   And these people are from all over the world.  You can present your business on Instagram and open up to a whole new and different demographic of people.  So, how should you present your business on an app that deals with pictures, you ask?  Let’s look into that.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This is not just a cliche’.  This is a fact.  If you have a product, show pictures of what you havepicture to offer.  You can put in your post any facts or info if you’re wanting to sell it.  Tell about your services under a picture of you or your people in action.  If you have a store front, show a picture of it and post the address and contact info.  As far as a link to your website, that can only be done in your Instagram profile, so be sure to include it there.  To see more info on how to set up your Instagram for your business, read How To Get More Followers To Instagram; Then Watch Your Sales Soar. 

Let’s Go Window Shopping!

If you have a line of products or services, you can show images of what you have to offer and with details about each item in the caption.  In essence, it would be the same concept as a catalog, only there would be the potential of over 400,000,000 a month looking through it.  Be sure to include any pertinent information in case the visitors would like to purchase your product.  You can also include behind the scenes photos.  People always like seeing where the product they are buying came from or how it was made.  As mentioned earlier, if you have a service, include pictures of you on the job.  A picture of your truck or van if it is sporting your logo.  Which leads me to the next point.

Make Your Business More Personable

These days it’s hard to find a face on anything, especially on the internet.  With Instagram, you can include pictures of yourself or staff, putting your business on a more personable level.  Folks can see that you’re a real person and not just an entity.  It helps build trust, which in turn builds sells.  So, including more personal images will go a long way in building your business’s trustworthiness.  Folks will tend to deal with you more than a faceless company.

Customer Participation

Believe it or not, Instagram is a great place you can encourage customer participation. participateHold contests asking for pictures of folks with your products.  Offer a prize of a free product
or service to the most imaginative photo. Instagram is social.  The more fun feedback you can create, the more likely they will buy from you or use your service.


Last but not least is networking.  Since Instagram is a social media, this is where you can start meeting new folks, interacting with a whole new network of people.  This will lead to new followers which could turn into new customers.  Start leaving comments on others posts, liking and sharing their photos.  And to top it off, you can connect Instagram with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  This way you can intertwine all your networks and add to the followers you already have.  The main thing is to stay active to continue building your presence and not lose what you have established.

Summing It Up

All in all, Instagram can be a big factor in your business and you can definitely benefit by building your following, building trust and showing the personable side of your company. It’s just another form of advertising except you can be much more creative and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper.  Here’s wishing you success!

If you want to learn more about using social media to build and enhance your business, then check out Wealthy Affiliate.  It is absolutely free to get started!  Do it!


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4 Replies to “What Is Instagram For Business And How You Can Benefit”

  1. Okay, I get what you are trying to say.. But, also, the instagram profile has to look professional and trustworthy and you need to do that by posting consistently, proper use of hashtags, good bio, and to have a lot of followers and no unfollowers. Heck a lot cheaper? It is free… Created my own Insta few days ago and in 3 days I got 150 people by posting 2 pics a day, i have 6 now in total. That means that I can have around 1000 people following me for 20 days of working and then when you have more followers it is easier to get new ones..
    All in all good content!

    1. Yes, Filip! This goes without saying! You always want whatever you do to look professional and trustworthy. And, the same as in blogging, you need to be consistent in your posts in order to gain followers. Thanks for your comment and stopping by!

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