What Is ClickFunnels About? – Kiss Your Website Goodbye!

There’s a new kid on the block. Well, not really new, but, he hasn’t been around long. Russell Brunson. And along with him is his amazing ClickFunnels.  So, the biggest question is, “Which is better, a funnel or a website?”  Let’s look and  see.Russell’s whole pitch is that a funnel is way more efficient than a website.  After looking at all there is to offer, I will have to agree with him.  And, as you can see, I have a website!

First, with a website, the person visiting is pretty much on their own.  They wander around the site, exploring what they want, reading what they want.  They may have something specific in mind, but, it may not be right there in front of them.

With a funnel, it’s pretty much like you have a salesman take you by the hand and guide you.  The funnel has a definite beginning and an end, with some offers in the middle.  There is a definite path that you take and it’s in a meaningful order.

You can set the funnel up beginning with your offer and showing what need it is fulfilling for the visitor.  If that is what they’re looking for, then it will take them through the buying process.  Then you can follow that up with an OTO (one-time-offer), relevant to their purchase and maybe add more money to your pocket.

If they don’t think the initial product is what they’re looking for, you can then take them to an alternative offer, or lower the initial price if they buy it NOW.   You can make two or three offers if you want and add on a free ebook for their visit and still at least end up with an email to add to your list.  (an email list is gold in this business)

The bottom line is, when they arrive, the visitor is taken through the steps and offers.  No dilly-dallying, nothing to sidetrack the ultimate goal of you making a sale or getting an email address.

With a website, on the other hand, there are lots of distractions, no sense of urgency to buy, and they’re pretty much left on their own.

Also, there is much more time involved in building your website.  You have pages and blogs and reviews to write.  The funnel can be three to four pages and you’re good to go.

In a nutshell, a funnel will show a person what their problem is, what you have to solve their problem, how your product will help them achieve the answer to their problem and finally a case study and sales pitch.  It’s direct and to the point.

I’ll have to go with the funnel and of all the funnels out there, Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels, to me, is the best.  Russell is passionate about his work and helping others succeed.  That combination makes is a winner.

As a final note, even though I enjoy building the funnels and they work much better than a website as far as making sales for your business, I’ll still continue my website.  Mainly, because I enjoy writing and doing what I can to help others along in this online business world.

Thanks for stopping by.  Keep on blogging!


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    1. Hello Florence! I don’t ever tell folks what to do, but, I can say that I am a member of ClickFunnels and build funnels for myself and others and have had extreme success. Way more income than my website brings in. I would suggest, if you think it’s something you would like to try, sign up for the 14-Day Free trial and see if you think it’s a fit for you. Like everything, you have to put in effort. It doesn’t do the work for you. But, the platform is very simple to use and build. You can try for free by clicking HERE

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