What Is a Value Ladder? Why Do You Need It?

Before I really got into online marketing, I totally missed out on the value ladder. I didn’t have a clue. It was only when I got involved with ClickFunnels and Legendary Marketer that I even heard of such a thing. And then, my eyes were opened just why I had not been successful up to that point.

A value ladder in marketing, is all around you in the real world. Dentists, mechanics, chiropractors, etc. They all use the value ladder in their marketing.

The dentist, for example uses it this way; He may advertise Free Teeth Cleaning to get you in to that first appointment. From their, he may schedule a thorough check up of your teeth. Say it cost $150. This may bring up the offer for teeth whitening for maybe $650. From that, he may offer braces as the next step up the ladder for a few thousand. Each step up the ladder, he offers a bit more value and a bit higher price.

So, he may lose money on the front end, the teeth cleaning, but, on the backend, check-up, fillings or braces, he recoups his costs, (ads, free cleaning), and every visit after is pure profit. His main goal with the initial ad was to get customers/clients into his office. Then by giving them good service, possibly good value of education on their teeth care, he draws them back in again as he takes them up his value ladder.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

value ladder

This is the same in online marketing. You need the value ladder to help you recoup your initial ad costs and make your profits. So, the key to your value ladder is follow-up. This is done with your email marketing campaign which we’ll cover in another blog.

Initially, you run your ad and offer something of value, a PDF or video training, for free in return for their email address. If you are using a sales funnel, you can add a couple of upsells through the funnel to help recoup your ad cost and “freebie” (if any cost). The whole goal for your frontend funnel is to at least break even. Once you have their email address, you can start sending them follow-up emails periodically about your products/services up your value ladder. Anything purchased from you at this time, (the backend) is totally pure profit.

When, I began, I had no backend follow-up. I was relying on my initial sales to make my profit and this is totally backwards. You need to build trust in the beginning and by doing that, you can use your value ladder on the backend to make your real profits.

Hope this shows you the value of having a value ladder built in to your business. You’re welcome to join me and more affiliate trainings in my private FB group.

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