What Is a Sales Funnel? Is The Website Really Dead?

First of all, I’ve been with a platform called Wealthy Affiliate since 2015 and I love the training, the community, the camaraderie…the whole kit and kaboodle. Along with the ongoing training, you also get 50 websites hosted for you. So, of course I have my own website, well, four actually, and will continue having a website and probably add lots more! It’s where I do my blogging and yes, I still lead folks through my affiliate links in various blogs after giving them plenty of value. However, there are times, when the website is not as efficient as I want it to be. And, I’m letting you know now, that I’m working on figuring out ways to “tighten up” my website. To try to make it flow better, more consistent, more relevant. I’m trying to make it to where there is a specific path and you’re not left to wander. But, this isn’t easy. Anyway…i digress.

Here enters sales funnels.

What is a sales funnel? Well, actually, a sales funnel is like having your own personal salesman working for you 24/7. He’s greeting your customer at the door, taking them by the hand and walking them step by step through the funnel, asking questions and taking them directly to what they’re looking for and then makes the sale. Cool, huh?

In a sales funnel, there’s only one way in and then one way out. A customer can’t come into your funnel and wander around and get distracted by other bells and whistles screaming from the sidelines. They enter your funnel, looking for something specific, the funnel sends them on a clear path through, answering questions and explaining the product, then gives them a CTA (call to action) at the end. And if they buy, it can offer an upsell or a OTO offer (one time only) to make you more money from that same customer, while they are in the buying mode. In this way, it helps you make your profits faster. (remember: value ladder).

In a website, someone comes to it maybe because of a certain blog, but then, they’ll start wandering, or won’t finish the blog and get to your CTA. There’s nothing holding them there or keeping them from going to a different page.

In the funnel, they can only go to the next page of your funnel, the one you want them to go to. There’s no jumping around on their own. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. In a website, you have NO control. This is the main difference of the two.

Here’s a sketch of a four page sales funnel. I know you may not know what some of these pages are, but, I’ll get to that in another blog. I just wanted you to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

sales funnel

As you can see, there’s not a lot to it. They can be simple. I have some that are only the opt-in page (I get their email) and the thank you page (I thank them and send them my free offer).

I’m sure you’ll see that they can be much, much faster to build than a full scale website. I link my blogs to the relevant sales funnel to really strengthen my offers.

Hopefully, I’ve explained enough for you to see what a sales funnel is and the difference to a website. But, I don’t think the website is dead. Each platform has its place and mine work very well together.

Until next time…Take Action!


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2 Replies to “What Is a Sales Funnel? Is The Website Really Dead?”

  1. Nicely explained, Grant.

    You can make sales funnels as complicated as you like, but often simpler is better and the one you showed here is just as effective as any!


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