What is a Mentoring Program?


When I’m talking to individuals about success, the first thing I tell them is that a mentor is a must for the fastest route to success and that they need to find some sort of mentoring program.  They look at me with that deer in the headlights look and ask, “What is a mentoring program?”

The Mentor

First of all, there has to be a mentor in order to have a mentoring program.  A mentor is simply an experienced and trusted advisor.  You can find a mentor out there in just about any area of expertise you want to take on.  There’s always someone out there that excels in their proven field.  Your first goal is to find that person or group.  It doesn’t have to be a single person, it can be a group of people that specialize in helping.  But, the surest way on the path of success is to find a mentor.

Avoid the Missteps

The biggest plus I think for having a mentor is that you avoid making all the mistakes that you would make if you didn’t have someone holding your hand and lighting the way.  imagesThere’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.  If someone is out there having great success, bringing in the big bucks and is willing to show you how they are doing it, then you best jump on for the ride!


Let’s say you had never skied before.  You head out to Aspen and rent some skis.  Are you going to strap those suckers on and take off down the first hill you can find?  I would hope not.  If you do there is most likely going to be some heartache ahead.  No, you’re going to find a teacher.  Someone that is an expert on skiing and have them show you what to do.  They’ll show you what the best way to make turns, stop, walk, slow down and speed up is. They’ll tell and show you what to do and most importantly, what NOT to do.  Would you pack your own parachute for your first jump not ever doing it before?  Of course not!  So, if you’re wanting to make some money, say, in affiliate marketing, why on earth would you just grab a website and go for it not knowing what or what not to do.  Why go through months or years of mistakes and trial and error when you could have someone guide you the first time through.  Think of all the time wasted you miss.  Think of even the possible money wasted because you spent it in the wrong areas.

The Program

So, you find your mentor and more likely than not, he’ll have a program already designed to walk you from beginning to end.  This mentoring program will start off giving you the basics of whatever your endeavor is.  It will make sure you have your solid foundation set before allowing you to slip out into the world of the internet.  They will help you set your goals, short term and long term.  They will teach you in the correct order, each step to take and how long to take to reach your goal.  They’ll guide you around the pitfalls of the business to make sure you don’t make the same mistake the majority of others make.

How Can They Do This?

They can do this because they have been there and done that!  Some have worked years, trying by trial and error to find the right way to reach a certain goal.  The right tools to use, when to use them and what to do after you use them.  There is no aspect of the business that they don’t know.  It’s simply because of experience.  If they’ve been doing this for 20 years and you’re just starting, then they’re twenty years smarter than you in this chosen area. Why not take advantage of this fact?  What would stop anyone from making this choice?

The Cost

images-2Well, it most cases, the cost can have a huge factor in you getting a mentor.  Usually, the person starting a new venture is strapped for money.  That’s why they are starting something else; to bring in extra income or change their source of income totally.  Some mentoring programs are ridiculously expensive.  $1,500, $5,000 or even $25,000.  How on earth could one possibly afford that in the beginning.  I couldn’t.  I searched high and low for the right mentor that was truly trustworthy and worth his price.  But, I couldn’t afford them when I found them.  And it’s hard to take that big step of faith and convince yourself that you will make a great income if you just let him show you how. That it will far exceed the cost of the program and will end up well worth it.  Well, that’s all mindset and the mentor can teach you that, but, you don’t have the mindset now to pay for a mentor!  Do you see the catch 22 here?

Exasperation to Exultation

The last mentorship I checked into was with Preston Ely.  I really like Preston and I feel his real estate programs are really good.  So, I figured, okay I can do his mentor program and really speed up my real estate income and most likely save money in a lot of the rehabbing I was doing.  His personal mentorship was in the thousands!  Totally out of reach for me.  No matter how I tried to rationalize joining the program, I couldn’t convince myself to do it.  And this was someone I truly trusted.  I was totally put out and ready to throw in the towel for good.  But then……Wealthy Affiliate comes along.  The Mentoring Program of a lifetime!

They Cover it All

Whatever online business you want to tackle, they’ll help you with.  They’ll help you build your website, choose your niche, market your business and yourself.  They’ll answer any question you ask and in fact encourage questions.  They’ll show you what to do, what not to do, give you moral support, technical support and whatever other support you need.  They are there 24/7  like guardian angels.  And this is not just one or two people.  This is hundreds of people that have years of experience in these venues, making hundreds to thousands monthly.  But, they are all like you and me and they sincerely want to see you succeed.

Cost Again?

I know what you’re thinking.  Lordy, what does this cost?  Well, now, you know I wouldn’t have titled the paragraph above Exasperation to Exultation if it was bad, would I.  These folks will get you started at no cost!  You heard me.  For free!  I couldn’t believe it!  And not only do you hear from all these different folks helping you, even the owners are hanging images-3out with everyone answering questions and giving guidance.  Why would anyone not try this?  If you’ve got your mind set on making some extra income, or changing your income source but it’s all new to you, you’ve got to have a mentor and mentoring program.  And this is all you’ll ever need right here.  So, click here and find out everything you need to know about it and come back and thank me.  🙂

As always, I love hearing what you think so leave a comment below or you can catch me on my profile at Wealthy Affiliate.

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