What Is a Landing Page Template?

I’ve seen a couple of WA members ask, “What is a landing page template?” so, that was my inspiration for this blog.

The Landing Page              th

First, let’s go over just what is a landing page?  Well, this is simply the page that a visitor is taken to after clicking on a result in a search engine. If they happen to be looking for “Jim’s Blogging Heaven” and they type that into the Google search bar, “Jim’s Blogging Heaven” will show up in the results.  When they click on it, it will take them to their website and the page you end up on is the landing page.

The Transactional Landing Page

It could be either of two types of landing pages. You have the transactional or the
reference landing page. The transactional landing page will have a form to fill out of some sort. A call to action. Here, you’ll give information such as name, email, etc to sign up for Jim’s Blog Newsletter or alerts when a new blog is posted.  You get the picture.

The Reference Landing Page

The reference landing page offers the visitor information that they were in search of.   This info can be in the form of text, images, video, etc.  Jim may have blogged about Tuna Fishing and when they clicked on this link, it takes you to his Tuna Fishing blog.  Somewhere on that blog will be a call to action such as sign up for his newsletter, etc.  The whole purpose of either of these types of landing pages are the same and that’s to convert your visitors into a new client, member or sale and to add to your email list.  And the folks that sign up on these are interested visitors who want more information that you have so it’s a win/win situation.

The Landing Page Template       th-3

So, that brings us to the template which is very simple. It is a pre-formatted landing page ready for you to install onto your website. There are several companies that offer these such as, GetResponse, Designmodo, WrapBootStrap, ThemeForest, etc. Or you can build your own landing page here at Wealthy Affiliate for free.

You’re Not a Member of Wealthy Affiliate?

Why not?! Well, give it a try. It’s totally free to sign up and begin training and you can “kick the tires” so to speak. Along with that you get two free WordPress websites and free hosting. And, you can learn to build your own landing pages. So, give it a go. Just click HERE.  And along with this, you’ll have a whole community of folks eager to help you succeed.

Any questions or comments? Just leave them below. I love helping people fulfill their dreams!


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  1. Grant, nice article about the landing page. Yes there are a lot of people who do not know what a landing page is and this article will help them and give them a better understanding of what a landing page is. Nice article.

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