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So you want a website but you don’t want to pay for hosting.  Well, how about a website and hosting for free?  No, wait.  How about two websites and hosting for free?  And no pop-up ads or invasive advertising taking away the attention of your content.  Then, if this interests you, I have found the perfect place for you to acquire such a set up!

Options Galore

In fact, they have quite a few options to choose from.  Check this out:

  • One free website and free hosting
  • Two free websites and free hosting
  • 50 websites  25 at $13.99 hosting each and 25 with free hosting — $47 a month
  • (That’s less than $1 per website per month!)

Can you possibly lose with this kind of deal?  Can you find anything else on the net that compares?  You say you think you can?

There’s More

Along with the websites and hosting, you get free keyword tool, All-in-One SEO,  WP SpamShield, Pretty Link Lite, and WordPress.  All at no charge.  Wait, there’s more.  You have classrooms to learn what you need to know to run a successful business on the internet.  You have step by step lessons walking you through the beginning of yourth-87 website to finally realizing money from your website.  You have teaching videos you can watch for just about any subject you want to enhance your internet business.  You have hundreds of mentors waiting to help you succeed.  No charge.  You have a community of thousands to bounce your ideas off of and share each others thoughts and experiences.

So, It’s More Than Just Free Website And Hosting 

So, yes it’s great that you can get two free websites and free hosting and if that’s all you want to run with, then go for it.  Nothing is pushed on you.  But, all the rest is there waiting for you when you need it.  Why on earth would you not?  And if you already have a website, you can move your website to here.  (This is included in the $47 a month)  However, if you’ve already got established traffic at your current website I wouldn’t suggest moving it. Just start a new one here.

Your Invitation

th-88If you want a free website or two (which you can do in 30 seconds) and free hosting, I invite you to go HERE and learn all the specifics.  Then you can decide if I’m crazy or not!  And I assure you, I’m not!

I kept this short and sweet as not to bore you.  There’s not a lot of scary decisions to be made here.  Check it all out for free.

Happy Blogging!



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