Chris Farrell Membership Review


Name:  Chris Farrell Membership
Price:  $4.95 First Week, $37 a month, $997 Mentor Me
Owners:  Chris Farrell
Overall Rank:  7 out of 10

Overview of the program

Chris hasn’t been in the internet arena as long as lot of the other marketers, but, he’s made a mark in the industry.  He appears to be a good trustworthy person and backs up what he has to offer.  The intent of his course is to take internet marketing newbies and transform them into knowledgeable internet marketers with his “21 Days to Success”.  He makes sure to let you know it is no “get rich quick” scheme and it will take hard work and plenty of hours put in to be successful.

Pros and Cons


  • Low cost trial period
  • Easy to follow manuals and blueprints
  • Daily videos
  • Website templates to choose from
  • Offers Fair support
  • Owner is involved and credible
  • Clearly outlines how to cancel membership


  • No free trial period
  • Monthly fee doesn’t include total cost
  • No real experienced community support
  • Doesn’t really get into advanced internet marketing

Who is Chris Farrell Membership for?

I truly don’t think the seasoned internet marketer would find this worth his money, but, for the novice this course is excellent.  This is where someone just starting out that isn’t familiar with the internet world could really benefit.  His videos are very basic and easy to understand and builds a good base knowledge and sound foundation that one must have to move forward into the internet marketing field.

Tools and Training

Of course, the meat of the course is his “21 Days to Success”.  It could be a bit misleadingth-44 thinking you’ll be pulling in the money in 21 days.  If you think this, then don’t.  The degree of success he means, I believe, is you’ll be able to accomplish the various tasks needed to be done every day by a successful internet marketer.

There are also manuals and blueprints that go along with the videos.  They teach basic keyword research, SEO optimization, video marketing, how to build a website, WordPress basics, etc.  Some other features are:

  • Creating your own Ebook
  • WordPress Wealth
  • Monetize Mondays
  • Creating your own products
  • Killer copywriting

How is the Chris Farrell Membership Support?

He has your basic members support and forum, but to me it seems more like novices helping novices.   Chris does answer some questions now and then and you can find some answers on some threads that cover basic information.   The support is fair but falls short of others.

How much is the Chris Farrell Membership?

You can start with a low cost trial of $4.95 for the first week.  After that, if you want to continue, it’s $37 a month for as long as you want.  You may cancel at anytime.  If you want to be mentored, then he has a Mentor Me program that will cost you $997.  I am all for having a mentor or teacher to help you bypass pitfalls in whatever area you are in, but I think there are better and less costly ways to accomplish this.

My Final Opinion of Chris Farrell Membership

Overall, this is a well done program, especially if you are new in the world of internet marketing.  If you are more experienced, I would suggest finding a bit more advanced program.  The videos are done well and are done in short lengths to not wear you out.  The cost is fairly comparable to other like programs.  If you are a newbie, and ready to work hard to accomplish online success,  I would definitely recommend this program.

Chris Farrell Membership at a Glance

Name:  Chris Farrell MembershipWebsite:
th-42Owners:  Chris Farrell
Price:  $4.95 First Week, $37 month, $997 Mentor Me
Ranking:  7 out of 10
Verdict:  LEGIT

If you’d like to see my NUMBER ONE recommendation (9.9 out of 10) go HERE!


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7 Replies to “Chris Farrell Membership Review”

  1. Hi Grant!

    Thank you for your straight forward review of Chris Farrell Membership.

    I have been hearing about this and I was really wondering if it was worth a try. I do have a little experience with websites, but, I have never been able to earn anything from them.

    Chris’s plan sounds good, but I am really more intrigued by your review of Wealthy Affiliate! That sounds like a great place to get an education!

    Thanks for taking the time to share! I really appreciate the info!


  2. Hi Grant,

    This seems like a good deal as a starter, but the personal support turns me down. Do you know how many people are actually providing testimonial from their training at Chris Farrell Membership?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Matthew. I have found that most all the testimonials are saying he’s fine if you are a total newbie, but if you already know the basics then look elsewhere. You have to remember, that there are thousands of total newbies out there, and so I would think this course would be ok for them to start with. Not my number one pick, but ok.

  3. Hi Grant,

    If this Chris Farrell program does not include more advanced topics, then i don’t think it is worth the money because we can already find a lot of good and free advice in the internet for lower level knowledge. I would want to make sure that the master mind behind a training program is an expert , before i make any payment.

    1. That was my thought exactly, Stan. His training is okay for beginners, but, as you said, one can probably find just as much searching for free on the internet, not to mention the ton of training you can get for free at WA !

  4. Hi Grant

    Thank you for your concise review on this program. But, as I found, the support is weak and there are a lot of upsells. Your number one recommendation is excellent! There’s no other that can come close to it on the internet, anywhere!


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