Vim Review

Name: Vim
Price: $20-$50 a month/Or One Time $2000
Founders: Brent Payne and Linda Baer
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Vim Product Overview

Vim is a personal development app which is set up to help you accomplish your life goals.  It comes as a laptop and a mobile app so your personal development training and tools are at your fingertips wherever you are.  With the VIM app, you will learn how to set life and business goals and receive instruction videos and audios 7 days a week, 365 days per year. You also have the opportunity, if you wish, to make commissions by sharing the VIM app.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • 7 day free trial
  • Excellent Training
  • Videos and Audios 24/7, 365 days a year
  • VinMingle Community
  • On the spot support
  • Affiliate program

The Cons

  • Upsells
  • Higher levels could be a bit pricey for some (but worth it)

Who is Vim for?

Vim is for anyone and everyone.  If you have a single goal in your life, personal or business wise, then Vim is for you.  Regardless of what area of your life you are wanting to improve, financially, spirtiually, health or business wise, then Vim is for you.  Young or old, rich or poor, Vim is for you.

Vim Tools and Training

Personal Development

Initially, when you join, you can access your VIM website on your laptop.  But, the real asset is the Vim app you can download to your phone.  This way, you can receive your training videos and audios, access your journal, your community, your support, and/or share VIM with others, all from your phone wherever you are.  In this day and age of on the go mobile living, this is the perfect tool.

You’ll receive a lesson each day, assisting you in setting a goal and steps to reach your goal. You have a journal at your fingertips to keep record of your goals and progress.

Your VimBoard is your own mobile vision board.  Always available for you to look at any time of the day to help embed your goals in your mind.

Affiliate Training

If you decide to become an affiliate for Vim, they have a 7 day training schedule to get you started on your way.  These lessons come in video form and each one has an assignment to get you motivated and on your way.

VimShare is another tool for affiliates which shows on a world map where each new member you bring into VimNow is from.  It’s a bit exciting seeing various V’s pop up all over the world map.  It’s a bit like the butterfly effect.

Vim Marketing is provided to affiliates in form of a free website for people you invite to take a look at what VimNow has to offer.  It is very professionally done and informative providing a sign up form to which you’ll get credit..

VimNow Support

There are various forms of support.  You have the VimCommunity where you can bounce ideas and questions off one another.  There is also your standard form you can fill out and get answers to your questions.  You also have your Vim Partner who you signed up through to help you in any way needed.  There are Webcasts that offer questions and answer periods and the founders of Vim, Brent and Linda, are quite often available on these to answer questions.

Connect With Vim

Another form of support is through the various routes set up to connect with Vim.  You can meet and connect with people through VimMingle on your App.  You can send messages or post on VimBlog.  For more support you can use the “Converse With Vim” at the footer of every Vim page.   Socially, you can connect via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Vim Price

There are actually four levels of Vim.  The first level is Vim Essential.  It is a 7 day free trial to see if Vim is for you.  You get daily lessons and journal writing the same as in the paid version so you get to “kick the tires” so to speak. This does require a credit card but is not charged until after the 7 day free trial.  If after the free trial period, you do not cancel and you feel Vim is for you, you will be automatically promoted to VimEvolve and your card will be charged $20 monthly.  The third level is known as VimEffect and goes for $50 a month.  The final level VimElite, gives you everything that Vim has to offer and personal mentorship. This goes for a one-time fee of $2000.  Below is a comparison chart of what you get on the VimEvolve and VimEffect levels.

VimEvolve$ 20 /mo
VimEffect$ 50 /mo
On-demand VIM exercises   X   X
VimBoard   X   X
VimJournal   X   X
VimCommunity   X   X
VimShare   X   X
VimSound   X   X
My Tutorials   X   X
VimBlogs   X   X
VimLive   X   X
On-demand VimEffect training
VimMingle   X
VIM Friends   X
VimMessenger   X
LIVE VimRadio

VimElite  $2000

With VimElite they give you immediate and lifetime access to information in the following categories: Money, Successful Business Practices, People Skills, Leadership Skills, Sales, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Problem Solving, Time Management and Productivity

Their plan guides you step-by-step as you take your business to the next level. They lend their expertise in business development, niche marketing, even locating and developing a team. The one time fee is good for your lifetime.

As in most products, once you are a member of one level, they will try and upsell to the next level.  This is never mandatory and you can remain on whatever level you want as long as you want and/or cancel at any time.

My Final Opinion of Vim

The goal of Vim is to help everyone that becomes a member to reach their goal of success in life, finance, spiritual and health.   If you have a business, their goal is to get you to the next level.  To take you from where you are to where you want to be.  In a nutshell, they are a personal and business development trainer and have ideally set it up on a mobile app where your life and business plans are at your fingertips 24/7, 365 days a year.  In my opinion, they have done an awesome job in accomplishing this and provide the every tool and support needed to succeed.  As in all things, your success is totally based on your blood, sweat and tears.  Nothing comes to you without maximum effort.  If you go into this with the right mindset, it is well worth every penny.  If you go into this thinking success will be handed to you by merely becoming a member, you’re throwing your money away.  This is one of the best platforms out there for personal development and you should at least give it the 7 day trial to see what it’s all about.


Vim At A Glance

Name: Vim
Price: $20-$50 a month/Or One Time $2000
Founders: Brent Payne and Linda Baer
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Verdict:        Legit

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