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Email Marketing

There are a lot of email marketing services out there, but, not all of them are affiliate friendly.  This is important.  So, these are the most affiliate friendly out there that I have found and have been suggested by others I trust.

  1. Actionetics – This comes with the ClickFunnels Etison Suite subscription of $297 a month.  To me it’s the best of them all in the fact that you’ll never have to worry about your account being shut down.  That goes a long way.  It is 100% affiliate friendly.  Not needed if you’re just starting out and have a small email list.  If you’re using $97 ClickFunnels subscription and have 500 on your email list, then Aweber is only $19 a month.  However, once you get up to 10,000 on your list, Aweber is $149 a month.  So, between that and the handiness and accessibility of it, and having everything all together, along with peace of mind, it may be worth it to you to switch to Actionetics.
  2. Aweber – Very popular service and reasonable pricing.  Easy to use and great if you’re just starting out.  The segmenting ability is very nice and simple.   $19 a month up to 500 on list to $149 a month for 10,000.  This is the service I use for my email marketing.  Also, affiliate friendly.
  3. Get Response – Also popular and pricing a bit under Aweber.  $15 a month up to a 1,000 on list.  I’m not convinced that they are as affiliate friendly as the others. 
  4. ConvertKit – Very affiliate friendly, but their price is a bit higher, and harder to get accepted into their program.  You need to have a legit website for your business.   However, it’s very user friendly and I like the way their system is set up using tags and segmenting with only one email list rather than multiple lists.  $29 up to 1,000 on list.
  5. Constant Contact – This platform is easy to use since there’s not many options.  If you’re running events, this is great because you can manage event invitations, registrations and tickets. (Email Plus Plan),  If you’re needing advanced automation, for the price, you could get better elsewhere.  They’ve got about 100 templates, the editor is fast, they have the classic autoresponders, A/B testing, recurring newsletters, etc.  $20 a month up to 500 on list, $45 a month on plus plan; $95 a month for 10,000 and $125 a month on plus plan.  Big plus is 60 day free trial.  Prepay for a year, save 15%.   (I am not an affiliate for Constant Contact and personally prefer better automation.  However, there are thousands of folks who use them.)


The most important part of your marketing business is tracking your ads, no matter where on the internet they are placed, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Adwords, Bing Ads, Solo Ads, etc.  If you don’t know what is getting clicked on where, then you might as well throw your money out the window.  Below are link tracking softwares I use or have gotten excellent reviews.

ClickMagick –  Easy to use and very affordable, it pays for itself quickly.  It starts at $17 a month or pay a year upfront and get it for $12 a month.

Website Hosting Platforms

BlueHost – Easy to use, Shared WordPress hosting starting at $3.95 a month.  Also, domains .com, ($11.99yr) .net, ($12.99yr) .org,($8.99yr) .biz, ($9.99yr) .co ($9.99yr) and blog. ($16.99yr)

SEO Tools

ZeroBounce – A WordPress plug-in that will redirect traffic from your website to a specific url you choose when they hit the back button.  Cuts down on the bounce rate of your website which helps improve the ranking.  License for Unlimited Domains – One Year Unlimited Updates – Control Bounces Up To 10 External Sites – 24/7 Support – One Time Payment of $27

Affiliate Training/Courses

SEO Affiliate Domination – An awesome SEO course created by the master himself, Greg Jeffries. The course goes in-depth on all aspects of SEO and organic traffic.  This should definitely be a course in your library as having traffic organically is a must foundation for your business.  Depending on time and effort you can be seeing results in two to three months.  Plus, once you’ve made back the price of the course, send Greg a screenshot of your earnings and a video testimonial of his course and he’ll refund the full price back to you.  A true win/win.  The price of the course is $997 and worth 10X that amount.  You do have the option to pay in three monthly installments of $397.  Go HERE for that option.

Legenday Marketer:  This is an incredible ongoing course for affiliate marketing.  You start with a  15 day challenge with lessons and assignments each day.  You have a personal business advisor that will contact you and help you set up a business plan.  Of course there will be up-sells (they are marketers like all of us), but as always, the choice is yours.  The program starts at $30 a month, which personally i believe is very low for what you get.  They also have Digital Product Program, Coaching and Consulting Program, Events and Mastermind Program, all for $2,500 each.  Legendary Marketer Sales Video   

Affiliate Bootcamp:  The new and improved Clickfunnels affiliate course.  You get fifteen incredible videos from fifteen top notch entrepreneurs you are killing it, showing you how to begin from scratch and get your online business going in 100 days!  The training is invaluable.  If your a newbie or been around for years doing this, you’ll love the value you get from this series.  And it’s designed to make you take action.  

Passive Income Affiliate Programs

This is what you want to look for if you are an affiliate marketer.  This is where you make a sell and your customer pays a monthly fee for the service/software you sold.  In return, you make a monthly commission as long as they’re making their monthly payment.  You make one sale, but get paid for months afterwards.  Below is a list of such affiliate programs.

ClickFunnels – ClickFunnels offer a 40% commission on all sales.  They have a collection of products, softwares and services to offer with a couple of nice paying passive income products.  One will bring you $38.80 a month and the other $118.80 a month.  Minimum payout is $50.  They have lots of training to study, from videos to podcasts.  And you have a Facebook Community you can join with other ClickFunnel affiliates.  Using ClickFunnels is not required to be an affiliate.

Aweber – An email marketing service that offers 30% commissions.  They are a monthly service so your commission is recurring monthly also.  Some do pay quarterly and yearly.  If so, you get your commission when they pay.  Commissions start at $5.70 a month on up depending on what level of service the customer is using.  Minimum payout is $50.  The good part is the longer the customer stays and build their email list, the more they pay as their list grows and in turn the more you make monthly.  Using Aweber is not required to be an affiliate.

ClickMagick – This is a link tracking service that is truly needed by anyone that runs ads online.  They offer 35% commission on all sales.  You’re commission would start at $5.95 a month up to $407.40 a year for life.  Minimum payout is $50.  Using ClickMagick is not required to be an affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate – WA offers $23.50 a month per referral or $175 a year.  They are a membership site with full training to someone wanting to become an affiliate marketer.  You must join WA to be an affiliate, however, it’s a FREE membership and along with it you get two free websites.  Minimum payout is $10.  They have excellent training and I totally recommend them if you want to learn about the affiliate marketing.  It’s where I started in 2015 and still a member.

Affilorama – Affilorama is a course teaching affiliate marketing. They have an assortment of courses at various levels which can bring you around $35 a month up to a single $345 payout.  They supply email sequences, banners, etc and if you request up to a 96 email sequence for one of their products.  This is a fairly easy sale and commissions are paid through ClickBank, so you’ll need to have a ClickBank account.

Recommended Reading

Warren Buffet (on the key to success)
“Read 500 pages…. every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

The key to progress in your online business is acquiring knowledge, which is done by reading. All the great entrepreneurs and successful business people have consistently read and still do, even after success. Once you think you know it all, you’re dead in the water. Below, you’ll find a list of recommended reading for us all that I have read, or has been suggested by members of the group. There are some books that will never grow old or be outdated, such as Think and Grow Rich and you’ll find brand new books that you may never have heard of.
I love to read and I hope you do too and will find the books in this list very informational and enjoyable. Feel free to suggest any books you consider worthy to be added to the list.
And most importantly, take action on the things you learn. NOW!

Recommended Solo Vendors

Below is a list of solo vendors I or fellow marketers have used and had good results with. Your results are not guaranteed to be the same and their prices are subject to change without notice.
Solos ads should be used primarily to build your list and not for frontend sales, although it is very possible. Ideally, you should follow up with an email sequence for back end sales. I also suggest your offers for your solo list be $10 or less for best results. Hope the vendor list brings you good results!Vendor