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Okay.  I was really pumped.  I had my campaign all set.  I had my affiliate links ready to go.  I started putting promos out left and right; Facebook, PPC on Bing Ads and Adwords, Twitter, Google+, etc.  Then, after a while, I got a sale! Then lo and behold, I got another.  I need to do this again, I thought.  I’ll put the ads out again where I got the sales from.  Just one thing.  I didn’t know where my sales came from.  Instead, now I had to put ads out to all of them again, not knowing which ones were worth the effort.  That’s when I realized the importance of link tracking.

How could I expect to optimize my ad campaigns if I didn’t have a clue which ones were bringing me income and which ones were dead in the water?  Or which ones that I could maybe improve on just by tweaking a couple of things here and there?  Yeah, I was wet behind the ears, but, I learn fast.

I started researching and found some companies that actually specialized in just that sort of thing.  Link tracking.  It’s a very simple concept and can do wonders with your bottom line in the long run.

The idea in a nutshell is, you attach a special code to  each link that you’re sending out into the world.  This special code will let you know which link was clicked on.  If you had an ad on Facebook and one on Twitter and another on Bing Ads and one is clicked on, the special code will tell you which one.  Let me show you what I mean.

Let’s say for instance you’re selling website building service.  The link you set up is  Every time someone clicks on this, they go to your website building website.  So, you want to put these out on all the different medias.  If you have link tracking set up, you’d give your links a special code.  Sometimes it’s a simple code, sometimes not.  To make it easy here, we’ll go with the simple.  For Facebook, say, your link with the code in it would become  For Twitter it would become say,  For each media, you would insert a code that you’ll recognize and know.  I use this formula with all my ClickFunnel ads.

Now, if someone clicks on your link, you can look on your report and see that it came from Facebook because of FB or Twitter because of TW, etc.  Now, you’ll know which ads are pulling better than others.  Or which ones aren’t at all.   Now you can tweak the ones that are not working as well and maybe scale the ones that are.  Now, you’re not putting your ad budget in the wrong places and you’ll find it start stretching a lot farther!  This is what happened to me!  Geez!   I was so surprised how something so simple could make such a big difference.

This will work for you no matter what your product is.  It will work if you have an online store or if you have an actual brick and mortar store and advertising on the internet.  You need to know where your sales are coming from and/or where you’re throwing your money away.  When I started tracking my ads, my profits doubled just from merely being able to traffic my budget in the right directions.  Very important, very simple and truly for what you get out of it, very inexpensive.

I’ve looked at a few of the top link tracking companies and I finally settled on Improvely.  Their custom links for tracking are easy for someone like me that’s not the greatest when it comes to technical stuff, but, it’s advanced enough for the pros who want all the bells and whistles.  I’ll continue searching and trying out others that I find and add them here on my website for you to look over.

Discovering link tracking has really helped me improve my advertising budget and I’m certain it will help yours, so, if you haven’t added this to your marketing arsenal, do it now and improve that bottom line!

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2 Replies to “The Importance of Link Tracking”

  1. Great post on the importance of link tracking Grant!
    This really is an important aspect of your online business that often gets overlooked.
    I know that I was getting leads and I had no idea where they were coming from and that makes it very hard to know where to place your focus.
    This is especially important with paid advertising.
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Thanks John! It’s a total game changer once you start tracking your various links and ads. Once you start, you’ll be totally surprised on how you can trim your advertising budget and help that bottom line. The company, Improvely, has a great platform and easy to apply. They have really helped me out in my ad budgets!

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