The Importance of Gratefulness



On this day, here in the United States, we celebrate the day known as Thanksgiving.  This is a wonderful idea and gesture, but it should not stop after this one day and not only in the US but it should be done around the world.  Everyone, no matter what country we reside, has something to be grateful about.  Whether it be for your wife and children, your health, your wealth, or just grateful to be alive.  There are many “gratefuls” that I have in my life.

My Gratefuls

  • I’m grateful for a wife that loves me and always stands behind me (even if I’m wrong)
  • I’m grateful for my two children
  • I’m grateful for the roof over our heads
  • I’m grateful for my health
  • I’m grateful for the freedom to pursue my own business and work for myself
  • I’m grateful for my parents
  • I’m grateful to be alive!
  • I could go on and on, but I have about twenty on my list

What Are You Grateful For?

I recite my “gratefuls” first thing each morning when I wake up and I recite my “gratefuls” alast thing before I fall asleep at night.  This way I start my day and end my day with positive thoughts.  By showing your gratefulness the Universe recognizes your acknowledgement of the good things you have received and more good things will manifest and come your way!  What are you grateful for?  I’m sure there are quite a few things you take for granted each day that you are truly grateful for.   Take time and go through the things you have in your life; material things, healthful things, spiritual things, and make a list of what you are grateful for.  Do as I do and recite these each morning and night.  Clear your mind of any stressful thoughts.  Clear your mind of the past or the future and just be in the now and say your “gratefuls”.  You will be surprised how your days will start falling together.  You’ll be surprised how your attitude will change.  And above all, do this every day, not just on Thanksgiving.

Why Am I Telling You This?

The reason I’m telling you this on my website about success on the internet, is because gratefulness is a big part of your success in anything.  And success on the internet is no exception.  I want to give you all the ammo you can have to help you succeed and there are many, many steps toward that success.  This is merely one.  Show your gratitude for something and you’ll receive more.  Simple.

Another step toward your success is finding a platform that will make your transition the easiest into the internet world.  One with good support, good training and is always there.  Wealthy Affiliate is the one in my life and has gotten me to this point.  Wealthy Affiliate has given me more knowledge in a year than I have obtained in the last fifteen.  For Wealthy Affiliate I am grateful.  Once you join, it will be another addition to your grateful list as well.  Check out the Wealthy Affiliate review and you’ll see.






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  1. Good morning, being grateful so important because it cause a persons to be place in a position at all times where they can attract more good, when a persons is grateful there have no stress and they can live more happy and productive life. Being grateful has so much benefits and is so great.

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