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The Top Four Online Business Models

Hello dear friends and entrepreneurs! This online business is exciting! There is so many ways out there pulling at you to try and make money. So many paths available and lots of them will make money, while others don’t. However, there are a few that make MUCH more money and that’s what we’re going to focus on today. The top four online business models. But first, there is a certain criteria the ideal model should answer to. Jay Abraham calls them “Profit Activators”. It’s three simple things an online business needs to be able to do to make the best profits.

  1. It should be able to get more customers
  2. Do repeat business with those customers
  3. Sell higher-ticket products to increase revenue

These four models have all three of the Profit Activators.

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Legendary Marketer 30-Day Bootcamp

I’ve been blogging for roughly 4 years. Before that I wrote everything from magazine articles to television scripts. None ever published. However, I do get traffic to my website for my blogs…some anyway.

Along comes Legendary Marketer’s 30-Day Bootcamp. Why should I waste my time with that? I know how to write. I’ve been doing this already for a few years. I know what I’m doing. Or do I?

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