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Desperation; Your Biggest Enemy

Hello dear friends and fellow entrepreneurs! Hope all is going well for you this week and your moving forward on your journey! Today, we’ll talk a little about a certain mindset that will help you along the way.

Have you ever noticed that the person that doesn’t need a sale is always the one that makes the sale.

Back about 45 years ago, I sold memberships for a company called National Buyers Club. (I know this shocks most of you, me not looking a day older than 35 now) You paid $360 to join the club and you could then order furniture, appliances and even vehicles direct from the factory at huge savings of course.

When I started, I received a nice display notebook and it had about 15 pages which took the prospect through a step by step sales pitch to buy a membership. I had my pitch memorized for each page, including rebuttals for their negative answers. I knew I’d be successful with this because I enjoyed meeting people and sales intrigued me. Plus, I needed the money since I had just got out of college (didn’t finish) and moved into an apartment that I really couldn’t afford.

Out I went, over and over, going through my pitch perfectly. I knew where to pause. When to be quiet. Inside, my stomach was in a knot, hoping, this is the one. This is the big sale! Then there’ll be no stopping me! But, no. No sale. Over and over and over. Well, there was one. My dad. (He wanted a pick-up truck and shopped around and found he could save about $1,500 by joining and getting his truck through them.)

I was shattered. Luckily, I was given a position in their new showroom and put on salary. Actually, a very good salary. Especially for my age. I was estatic! But, I wanted to keep going out and trying my hand at selling the membership.

So, after a couple of weeks, I lined up so more appointments and went out to deliver my pitches once again. Same display book. Same pitch. But… but…but….I couldn’t believe it! A sale! I made my first sale! (Dad didn’t count) The next evening I went out on another call. I started my monologue and the husband gave a bit of a snort and some comment about a bunch of balooey. I just politely closed my book, and apologized for taking up their time, saying it probably wasn’t for them and started to leave. Well, both husband and wife chased me down, apologizing and practically begging me to come back in and show them what I had. I made that sale, also. And the next one. And another. Not all of them, but enough to win salesman of the month for six months in a row.

Why? Why all of a sudden, doing the same thing I was always doing, I started getting sales?

The reason? I wasn’t desperate. I didn’t need the money since I was on a fantastic salary. I didn’t care if I made the sale or not. I enjoyed doing it. I knew it was a great product and if folks would just join they’d save money. My dad had saved big. But, I wasn’t desperate to make a sale.

You see, if you have desperation oozing from you, people can smell it. That block goes up. They feel they’re being talked down to. They feel they’re being pressured. They won’t buy. So, you need to develop the mindset that you don’t need the sale. You don’t care if they buy or not. You’re there to help them. Help them get closer to their goal. To the next level of their business. You’re there to help them add value. And if they don’t want to show up for that, then it’s on them.

I’m not saying be arrogant or a butt. I’m just saying, you have to show up, believing, knowing that what you have is good. And what you have to offer will truly help your client and not worry about the sale. Because if you are sincere about those feelings, you’ll get the sale.

Another thing you can ask yourself is, what can I do or say on this call that this person needs. What can I do to make this call the best it can be. Because remember, this is not to make a sale. This is to give value.

Don’t be desperate.

The person that doesn’t need the sale, is always the person that makes the sale.

Be that person.

Until next time…Take Action!


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