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What Is The Number One Way To Make Money Online?


The burning question!  The pot of gold at the end of the internet rainbow!  It’s the question that I think every internet entrepreneur has asked.  “What is the number one way to make money online?”  I believe if there was a straight forward answer to that question, everyone under this world’s old sun would be doing it and we’d have lots of millionaires running amok!  This almost comes down to the same answer as “What does being successful mean to you?”  The reason being, I could ask twenty different people “What is the best way for making money online?” and there would  be a good chance I would get at least ten different answers if not more.  Why?  Because different  people are good at different things and everyone is not good at the same thing. Continue reading What Is The Number One Way To Make Money Online?

What Is the Best Way to Work From Home?



Okay, I know what “you guys” idea of working from home is.  Roll out of bed whenever           you finally wake up, make some coffee, throw your laptop on the couch and head back into the kitchen.  Pour your coffee and head back to the couch…..wait…grab a couple of donuts.  Now, head back to the couch with your “breakfast” and grab the remote and switch on the tv to the cartoon channel.  Wait, dang it, forgot to open the blinds.  But, not too much since you’re only wearing your boxers and the mail lady walks right by the window if you’ve got mail.  So, you open the blinds, sit back down put the laptop in your lap while drinking coffee in one hand, eating a donut with the other, only to set it down to peck a few keys before you take another bite.  The whole time, your favorite cartoons are playing in the background.  Man, what a gig this is.  How could you not love your work. Continue reading What Is the Best Way to Work From Home?