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How To Build An Email List and Why You Need One

Hello dear friends and fellow entrepreneurs! I hope all is well and you’re moving forward with your business! Today, let’s talk about your email list.

I’ve seen a lot of affiliate marketers all excited about putting their affiliate links out there, whether it be in their blogs, or paid ads, or social media, or wherever. And that’s all fine and good EXCEPT… I see them doing it wrong. Totally wrong. They have it where the customer clicks on their link and then it sends them straight to the affiliate product’s sales page.

What’s wrong with this picture? You’re thinking, “Nothing. They clicked on the affiliate link and going to the sales page and if they buy, the affiliate will get the commission. That’s what we want.”

Wrong! Yes, we want the commission, but what’s being left out here?

What’s being left out is YOU!.

You have no idea who just bought from you. You can’t follow up with another offer or maybe another product they’d like. Or a higher ticket product. YOU totally lose out. But, the company you just referred a customer to, knows who bought from them. They’ve got their email address. You’ve got zilch except hopefully a sale and commission. But, if no sale, zilch.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting a sale. But you should get so much more, and if it’s possible then take advantage of it!

The Email List

The way you want to set this up is, when they click on your affiliate link, they are sent to your opt-in page. There is where if they want to see the product they are interested in, they fill in their email address, THEN they are sent to the affiliate product’s sales page. (I sometimes send them to a bridge page first where I explain a little more about the product, or give testimonials, written or videos, etc). But, the simple first example will work fine, also.

But, the cool thing about it now, is you have an email address that goes on your email list. This is gold! And this is what you want to do on all your affiliate links.

Why An Email List?

The reason this is so important is you now have an email address of someone you KNOW is interested in buying. They are a warm lead. Now, through your autoresponder, you can send them follow up offers, other products, or retarget them on the first one they didn’t buy with a different angle. In other words, they are now free traffic for you!

The majority of marketing statistics show that you should average at least $1 each month per subsciber on your email list. So, this means, if you have 300 subscibers on your list, you should be able to send offers throughout the month to that list and generate $300 from that list that month. So, think about if you build that list to 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000!

This is why you need a list. This is why you need to have that opt-in page. The easiest way to do the opt-in page is with a sales funnel. It can be done from scratch on your WordPress, it’s just a little harder and takes a little longer, but if your budget is tight, then it may be the best route at the start.

But, by all means, CAPTURE THAT EMAIL ADDRESS. As it grows, you’ll find it to be your biggest source of free traffic to your offers.

Hope you’ve gained a little insight on email lists and why they’re important.. As always, if you have any questions, post them in the comments. I’d love to answer them.

Until next time…Take Action!


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