Remembering My Dad


The greatest gift I ever had came from God.  I called him Dad.  With Father’s Day coming up, I can’t help remembering my Dad and his views on being your own boss and what success meant to him.  I lost him over two years ago.  He was just shy of 90.  He lived a “full and rich life” as they say and he never hesitated on giving his view.


When I would talk to him about a business on the internet I was involved in, he would just shake his head.  He couldn’t comprehend millions of people around the world being able to talk to you instantly or buy from you.  He was confused on how you could possibly make any money on such a thing.  He would say, “That’s a waste of time.”  You need to stick with your “real job”.

Hard Work

Dad was old fashioned in the sense of the way to make a living was with good ole’ honestth-80 and hard work.  And this he did for thirty-some years until he retired.  He would always push the idea of having a “real job” from 9 to 5, work hard for your boss and get raises, and then retire with a nice pension.  The thing was, when he finally got there the pension wasn’t all that great after all.

Work Smart, Not Hard

He said from day one, with the biggest smile on his face, “Retirement is great!  I can’t see how anyone could NOT enjoy retirement!”  I don’t think he was truly happy until he actually retired.  And it was then that his way of thinking started changing.  He started developing the “work smart, not hard” theory.  Finally, he was coming around a bit.  “Maybe you don’t have to work so hard to make good money after all,” he’d tell me.  “I wish I thought this way earlier on.”  He finally had time to do what he wanted and was his own boss.  I explained that was pretty much how the internet business worked.  It was a smarter work, not a hard work, at least not physically.  And you were not only your own boss, you were the owner.

Change of Views

Dad started asking about how I was doing on that “computer business thing” I was doing every time he saw me.  He had no idea, of course, how to even turn on a computer, much less do work on one, but, he became more and more interested.  He was a big time bird watcher and had feeders and bird houses everywhere.  He would have me look up info for  him on different things about them.  (In fact, I plan on having a website on Birds dedicated to my Dad).  His opinion of the internet and the possibilities there started to change.  If I only had a couple more years with him I believe I would’ve had him surfing the internet like a champ!


I was blessed to have such a wonderful Dad and to have him in my life for so long.  He was 11031501_10204581854410465_6009054343019919807_n
a hard, honest, Christian man that would help anyone in need, putting himself last.  I think he would give me his blessing on what I’m doing now if he was here and would be asking even more questions than ever.  I’m moving closer to the success I’m hoping for each day and he would be happy for me.  He had his own belief of success.  When I’d ask him he’d say, “I’m happy, so I’m successful”.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

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  1. Our Dads were a lot alike. They belived in hardwork and treating everybody like a friend and neighbor. I enjoyed your comments about your Dad. He was a fine man.

  2. Beautifully written tribute- I tend to agree , work smarter not harder- He did live a long full life , whether he had regrets, I don’t know , Happy Father’s Day Dad and you too Brother! I know success shines on you!

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