Preston Ely’s REO Rockstar Review


Name: REO Rockstar
Price: $37, optional $97 a month
Owners: Preston Ely
Overall Rank: 8 out of 10

REO Rockstar Overview

You are given a 7-Step Quick Start Guide, 3 Audio Modules, an REO Ebook, a deal evaluator, forms and contracts, REO leads and access to Funding.  Preston says there is an abundance of guidance in the course.  Enough that you could land your first REO deal in 30 days.

Pros and Cons


  • 7-Step Quick Start Guide
  • 3 Video Modules with a total of 34 Lessons and REO Ebook
  • They have deal evaluator software you can use
  • All the forms and contracts you’ll ever need are available
  • They offer REO leads in whatever part of the country you wantth-3
  • And have funding available through their partners at Grand Coast Capital
  • Support is adequate.  They have support email or phone contact during office hours
  • Personal Success Coaches available Monday through Friday


  • No community or live chat to bounce ideas off or feedback
  • No personal contact with owner;  their ARE rare occasions,
  • There are up-sells, but not mandatory to succeed


Who Is REO Rockstar For?

REO Rockstar is ideal for those, young and old, who want to make some money in the real estate arena, and of course the REO venue.  If you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor/flipper,  you could benefit from what Preston has to offer.

REO Rockstar Tools and Training

Quick Start Guide
To start you off, he has a 7-Step Quick Start Guide so there’s no waiting to jump right in.  Lee Kearney is the Rockstar that Preston introduces to you.  The seven steps take you through easy assignments like reading the Ebook or watching a video or experimenting with the deal evaluator getting you prepared for what you’re about to embark upon.

Training Modules
You have three Training Modules available to you.
Module 1 has six lessons averaging an hour to an 90 minutes in length.  It includes getting started, deal profit evaluation, contract and paperwork stronghold, bullet-proof sales system, close and get the money and putting a rockstar edge to your business.  Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.31.38 AM
Module 2 includes four lessons from an hour to 90 minutes long.  This module is considered advance REO strategies for 2016.  They talk about exploiting all six phases of the real estate cycle to REO rehabbing.
Module 3 is the VIP Mentoring Archive.  It has 24 lessons averaging an hour long and they are jam packed with more information and tips than you can imagine.

Deal Evaluator
This software tool assists you in determining your max bid on the deal you’re considering.  You simply plug in the information you have on the house and it gives you the suggested figures that would be a safe investment where you could get your max return.

Forms and Contracts
Every form and contract that you could possibly imagine are at your fingertips to download.  From assignment contract to affidavit and memo, to limited power of attorney to sample proof of funds letter.  They are all here from A to Z.

They make an 86 page Ebook available by download entitled “How to Become a REO Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.39.04 AMRockstar”.  It gives great insight of the REO world and the different strategies that work or don’t work.  It’s the first step in your 7-step quick start, and well worth the read.

Free Leads
You can also get lists of free REO leads in whatever area of the US you are interested in.  However, you will have to set up a free account with Real Estate Mogul in order to have access to the leads.  You have a choice of 3 levels.  Free account,  $0 per month,  Mogul Pro $97 per month,  Mogul Elite  $197 per month.  The free account is all required to have access to the leads.

If you need funding for your deals, Preston has a partner company waiting to help you.  Grand Coast Capital will provide a proof of funds letter and transactional funding to help your deal go through fast.  They also have two alternative options, Tempo Funding and Coastal Funding.

REO Rockstar Support

They do have support for your account, technical, questions, etc. but it is by email or phone.  Of course, phone is during business hours and email will take at least 24 hours, generally.  There is no forum or community.  And no interaction with Preston or  Lee.

REO Rockstar Price

You can purchase this course for $37.00.  You have an optional $97  a month with Real Estate Mogul.  As mentioned before, within Real Estate Mogul you have the Mogul Elite upsell for $197 per year.

My Final Opinion

Honestly, I have always liked Preston Ely and I truly believe he enjoys helping people succeed.  I’m not saying he doesn’t like making money, but I feel he does it honestly and tells you like it is upfront.  No hidden agenda.  He is in business, so of course he’ll have upsells, but they are not something that is needed to succeed at the original product he sold you like so many others are. So, they are all optional.  I personally liked REO Rockstar and the training is thorough.  You’re not left hanging or wondering about anything.  And the price compared to what you get is well worth it.  There is quite a bit of legwork involved as in any real estate dealings,so, be prepared.  I don’t think you would go wrong trying this one out for the money and if you’re not satisfied, he has a money back guarantee.  Go here to check it out!

REO Rockstar at a Glance

Learn to buy and sell REO properties through awesome training!

Name:  REO Rockstar

Preston Ely
Preston Ely

Owner:  Preston Ely
Price:  $37, optional $97 monthly
Rank:  8 out of 10






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