How To Set Up An AWeber Account


One of the best email marketing services out there is the company, AWeber Communications.  I’ve had great results with them and I know quite a few others who have also had great success.  By and by, someone will ask me how to go about setting up an AWeber account.  All in all, it is a very simple process, plus you get 30 days to try it out for free to see if it’s your cup of tea.  So, let’s go through the process and then you’ll be confident when you go sign up.

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What Is The New Rich? How Can You Be One?!


This term has been thrown around for a few years already, but, there are many who don’t have a clue as to what it means.  Is it referring to people who have just recently become rich?  Or is it a new measurement of what rich is?  Just what is the new rich?  I’ll try and clear up that question and also show you the best route for you to join the new rich! Continue reading “What Is The New Rich? How Can You Be One?!”

The Importance of Gratefulness



On this day, here in the United States, we celebrate the day known as Thanksgiving.  This is a wonderful idea and gesture, but it should not stop after this one day and not only in the US but it should be done around the world.  Everyone, no matter what country we reside, has something to be grateful about.  Whether it be for your wife and children, your health, your wealth, or just grateful to be alive.  There are many “gratefuls” that I have in my life. Continue reading “The Importance of Gratefulness”

What Is Instagram For Business And How You Can Benefit



Pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  Nice to look at.  Some are actually breathtaking and very interesting.  But, that’s all Instagram is good for.  Pictures.  Showing off your latest snapshot or iPhone gem.  Trying to see how many likes or shares you can get.  It’s okay for your leisure time.

That’s where you are missing the boat!  If you have a business, isn’t there a picture or two or more out there that can sum up what your business is about?   Isn’t there a picture or quote that might draw attention where they may want more?  Yes there is.  Just exactly what is Instagram for business?  It can be a lot, believe me. Continue reading “What Is Instagram For Business And How You Can Benefit”

What Is The Best Internet Marketing Training? Does It Really Blow Your Socks Off!?


So, I was looking for the right marketing training so I could get my online business off the ground.  Well, I had been burnt before and more than once, so,  I was skeptical of everything I looked into.  Until…….   Can this be the one?  Can it possibly this good?  This thing is blowing my socks off, I thought.  Well, let’s see just what is the best internet marketing training and does it really blow your socks off?!

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How To Add A Comment Box To A Website and Improve Your Google Rankings!


One thing that your website needs is a comment box at the end of your posts or at the end of your page.  You want to have a place for your visitors to leave their thoughts about your post or ask questions.  On top of being able to help your visitors this way, it improves your Google ranking.  Yes, that’s right.  Google loves interaction on your website.  So, this post is about how to add a comment box to a website. Continue reading “How To Add A Comment Box To A Website and Improve Your Google Rankings!”

When Are the Best Times to Post on Facebook?

Grant Sudduth, EzineArticles Basic Author

If you have a business of any kind, be it online or storefront, or a business website, advertising is important.  There are many places to advertise but without having to pay.  One of the places that you don’t even have to advertise, but merely make a post about your business and it can boost your traffic is Facebook.  Randomly posting at whatever times you feel may not be enough, however.  When are the best times to post on Facebook?  Let’s look into that and see. Continue reading “When Are the Best Times to Post on Facebook?”

How To Get More Followers To Instagram; Then Watch Your Sales Soar!



Did you know 28% of the internet use Instagram?  That means about 400,000,000 people use Instagram each month.  Don’t you think you should get your business in front of these people?  I’m going to show you how to get more followers to instagram.

Choice of Approach

You have different choices of approach to building up your following on Instagram.  Even ways that cost you some money, and of course, if you have a budget for it, these would give faster results.  However, I’ll focus on the different free approaches. Continue reading “How To Get More Followers To Instagram; Then Watch Your Sales Soar!”