One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Name: One Funnel Away Challenge  
Price: $100
Owner: Russell Brunson
Overall Rank: 10 out of 10

One Funnel Away Challenge Overview

When you arrive at this website/funnel, you are greeted with a video that explains the whole concept of the One Funnel Away Challenge.  It is very thorough and it got me pumped.  And for good reason as you will see.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • You get a 500+ page hardcover book which includes 30 entrepreneur’s step by step plans on how they’d build their business back up in 30 days if they had to start from scratch.
  • 30 days of training from Russell Brunson
  • 30 days of technical “how to” training from Julie Stoien on building your funnel
  • 30 days of LIVE training from Stephen Larsen, who’ll “hold your feet to the fire” and make you accountable for your assignments along with Q&A sessions.
  • You’ll get workbooks supplied to you
  • You’re learning from the best which generally cost’s thousands for a single session.


  • You must purchase the ClickFunnels software which is $97 a month.  You get a 14 day free trial.  But this is really not a con, since you need the funnel to make your sales, so this is just truly a business expense.  Once you’ve launched your funnel, it has the potential after constant tweaks and improvements based on feedback to bring in thousands of dollars.
  • All the training videos are taken down once the 30 day challenge is over.  This really shouldn’t be considered a con, because it is done for a reason.  It keeps you from procrastinating and not completing what you need to do.  If you follow the course correctly, you’ll have a fully built sales funnel ready to bring you in money at the end of 30 days.

Who is One Funnel Away Challenge For?

This is for anyone.  If you are a total newbie or if you’ve been in the arena for years.  Russell, Julie and Stephen take you through, step by step, building your sales funnel, the marketing behind it, building the offers, getting traffic, etc., from beginning to end and at the end of 30 days, you have a professional funnel ready to launch.

OFA Challenge Tools and Training

Once you join the challenge, you’ll be sent a 500+page hardcover book.  The book contains step-by-step plans from 30 Two Comma Club winners, (which mean they’ve sold a million dollars or more through through their funnel), on how they would build back their business from scratch if they were to lose everything.  This means if no one knew who they were, they didn’t have their email lists, and just had their laptop, wifi, and 30 days of ClickFunnel access.  This book alone was worth the $100 to me.  It is simply amazing and an unbelievable tool to have.  The people in the book made their money from various areas; affiliate marketing, webinars, training courses, etc., so you have plenty of choices on how to base the way you start your business.

You’ll also get a workbook and an MP3 player with all the trainings from the prior OFA Challenge.  Plus, access to an online community where you can ask questions and get help when needed from other folks in the challenge with you.

Then the training.
Every morning you will get an outline of that days lesson from Russell.  He’ll explain what you are learning that day and what your task is to complete.

You’ll also get a video from Julie explaining any of the technical how-to’s of the funnel for that day.  She’ll show you how to access the tools you need to build that day’s part of your funnel along with other tips.

Then, each day, you’ll get a LIVE session with Stephen Larsen.  He’s the one you answer to.  He’s the one that makes you accountable for your work each day.  He also motivates.  Screams.  Fuss’s.  But, he makes sure you get it done.  I looked forward to this part of the training every day!  It was my favorite.

All of this you get for 30 days.  It’s fast paced, lot’s of work and loads of fun.  And in the end, you have a remarkable sales funnel that you can launch and start making money with.

And the price you’re paying, $100, is ridiculous!  This is about the biggest no-brainer I have ever come across.  Russell charges companies $250,000 to come in and build a sales funnel for them.  Julie and Stephen both charge $18,000 per session normally.  And you’re paying $100 for 30 days?

My Final Opinion of The One Funnel Away Challenge

Why are you still here?  If you’re serious about building a business whether you have a product of your own (which is even better), or an affiliate marketer or a brick and mortar store, this challenge is meant for you.  My suggestion on this is do not hesitate.  Commit for 30 days.  You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.  I was.

Name: The One Funnel Away Challenge
Owners: Russell Brunson
Price: $100
Overall Rank: 10 out of 10

Verdict:  LEGIT

Please let me know in the comments section below if you’ve had any experience with OFA Challenge and your thoughts. Also, I welcome any questions you might have!