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How do you feel about taking on internet marketing as a way to make some extra income?  What if you could do it as full time work?  Do you have fears about this?  What’s holding you back from trying?  How can you learn?  Who can you trust?  Is this even something you could do?

My website, The Road to Internet Success is here to help you through all of these questions.  I know in today’s market, there are people waiting to prey on those desperate to find a way to make extra money to help out with their finances.  The Road to Internet Success is here to try and protect folks from falling into those traps by offering reviews of the various money making opportunities out there.  Reviews are added on a regular basis.

I’ll help you find the best education on whatever area you have chosen, sometimes finding good free starters since I know the majority of people looking for extra income are short on start-up funds.  I’ll help you find the tools needed to make your work the easiest and professional as possible.

The first thing anyone needs to have a business on the internet is a website.  I promote what I have found as the best out there.  My website does not promote or offer anything that I personally do not use or have not tried out for myself.  As far as a platform to get started, I suggest the one I use which is  Wealthy Affiliate.  There are blogs, pages and videos with reviews and information about this educational community throughout The Road to Internet Success.  Everything that you see at my website was created and learned through WA so that I’m a putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak.  You can see what is possible for you to accomplish.

I also have articles and reviews on various tools and services you will need as you progress and build your business, including keyword tools, email marketing services, SEO tools, ranking tools, etc.  My goal is to provide quality guidance for anyone looking to enter the internet world and start a business.  I hope to guide everyone to a safe and prosperous environment to work in and ultimately, success.

I invite you to check out my website, and also, check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate to see if it’s for you. I welcome comments and suggestions on whatever your thoughts may be.  I welcome any constructive criticism and hope you enjoy your visit!

12 Replies to “Make Extra Money Online”

  1. Hi Grant,

    Great post and really great site. I love the animation in the back ground and how it is all laid out.

    The post really does cover all the bases on getting started and I like how you offer to help people. That is definitely the message we should all be portraying, that we are here to help first and gain second.

    Well done and keep up the great work.

    Stay in touch,


  2. Great Page and great site Grant. I like how your very real approach to making extra money online. As you know, our economy isn’t what it once was – can’t remember when it was really great to begin with.

    This site will help a lot of people and I wish you the best of luck with it.

    1. Thanks Gary! I’m hoping to help folks find ways of making a legit income online to help them out with their finances. It’s real and it’s out there if one is willing to put effort into it!

  3. It looks like you have put together a very comprehensive site to help people make some extra money online Grant and I think that fear is the main reason that stops people from getting started.
    I also agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to get started online and they can help with any blocks stopping people from success!

  4. Your website is going to come in handy not only to beginners, but also to people like me, grant, who have started into the business of online marketing, but still have much to learn. Particularly Grant, I would like to escalate my business to a full time venture. I shall keep my eyes peeled on your reviews to find that extra advice to make this possible.
    Thank you for the sound advice so far!

  5. Hi Grant,
    I wholeheartedly agree that there are some questionable internet marketers preying on a lot of inexperienced people. I have to say that I’ve been duped a few times by the “gurus” who were remarkably persuasive and were really good at building up the hype that their program was going to make me rich overnight. Lol! I’ve learned my lesson!

    It’s good to know that there are genuine people like you who don’t make empty promises. It’s refreshing to see that you have put a lot of thought in your reviews and have made a site that truly can help others achieve results. Thanks for not being just another guru, Grant.
    Much success to you!

  6. Thanks for such a great read!

    I decided to become an online tutor on Preply. It’s pretty cool.
    While working as online tutor, I also spend my time working as a freelance copywriter and am now working on setting up my own blog.

    1. Excellent Patrick! I started this journey in 2015 and am starting to get better results each month. Everything I’ve done to make an income online I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate. The best place online to learn this stuff hands down. If you’re learning from them, look forward to success. If you’re not, you should join them and try it out for free. The main thing to succeed is patience and do something each day to move forward no matter how little. I wish you much success in your new endeavor blogging! Thanks for stopping by and come back again. Ask any questions you may need to know the answer to and I’ll do my best to help. That’s why I’m here!

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