Legendary Marketer 30-Day Bootcamp

I’ve been blogging for roughly 4 years. Before that I wrote everything from magazine articles to television scripts. None ever published. However, I do get traffic to my website for my blogs…some anyway.

Along comes Legendary Marketer’s 30-Day Bootcamp. Why should I waste my time with that? I know how to write. I’ve been doing this already for a few years. I know what I’m doing. Or do I?

You Never Stop Learning

Looking into the challenge a little deeper, I realize there’s a lot more to writing than just writing. Let me say that differently. There’s a lot more to SUCCEEDING at writing than just writing. There’s the mental side; mindset, fighting self-doubt, procrastination, etc. There’s the task side of scheduling, goal setting, discipline, focus, etc. If you ever get to the point that you think you’ve learned all there is to know in able to succeed at your craft, whatever it may be, then you are dead in the water.

Finding Yourself

This is why I joined the Legendary Marketer’s 30-Day Bootcamp. Not only is it a bootcamp but also a challenge. A challenge to extend myself a little more than norm. A challenge to think outside the box a little more. A challenge to be more disciplined in my writing. A challenge to be more consistent. In other words, a challenge to find myself. To find my voice.

I don’t think up to this point, that I have truly found my voice. There have been hints of it here and there, but not totally yet. And, I know that the mental side, although I work on this constantly, needs to be stronger. And the one thing that I realize deep down, which I don’t often admit, that I need to work on is consistency. To be able to get up every day, and go to that keyboard and pound out the blog or article for that day, is a strongpoint I do not have. And, to succeed at this online business, consistency is the key.

The Bootcamp Does It All

This is where Legendary Marketer 30-Day Bootcamp comes in. They cover it all. They’re going to work with me and show me how to achieve organic traffic for a lifetime. They have a team of high quality online experts with a tremendous track record holding me accountable. There’s not a one of us out here that sometimes doesn’t need a kick in the pants to help us move forward. And to have this high quality of a staff and leaders, who truly care that we succeed or not, to sacrifice their time for 30 days to make sure we do succeed…well, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to join such a bootcamp. And to get it all for FREE is the kicker.

So, in a nutshell, I know I need help to get to the next level of my writing; to get to the next level of my online business; to get to the next level of my life. I feel that I have found the ideal platform that will do this for me.

And that is The Legendary Marketer 30-Day Challenge.

Until next time…Take Action!

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