How To Use a Keyword Tool

There’s a lot of hub bub about keywords going on out there.  Yeah, keywords are all fine and dandy, but, how in the world do you know what you want to use as your keyword and how do you find them?!  Well, this is where I come in and show you how to use a keyword tool in finding the right keyword for you.

Show not tell

And this time I’m going to include a video and actually SHOW you how to accomplish this instead of just merely telling you.  This way, you can look over my shoulder and see just how to find and choose your keywords.  And without further adieu………

How to Use a Keyword Tool

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Well, there you have it!  I’m sure it was way easier than you thought it was going to be and I hope you can now go out there and find all the keywords you’ll ever need to bring that traffic to your website.  It may take a little patience.  It may take thinking a little outside the box.  It may take persistence.  But, keep at it and the rewards will be tremendous.  And remember, think long term.  Just keep writing those blogs and articles using the low hanging keywords and let them stockpile.  Make sure the keywords are relevant to your article and eventually, one day, you’ll start noticing more hits on your site.  Then more.  It may catch you by surprise but it will be a pleasant surprise.  And the feeling of all your work and patience finally paying off……  well, there is no description.

I hope this video has gotten you closer to understanding how to search for keywords and how to use the keyword tool. If you want to learn more about having your own keyword tool go here.   I wish you all success and happiness!

Happy Blogging!


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