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One of the best email marketing services out there is the company, AWeber Communications.  I’ve had great results with them and I know quite a few others who have also had great success.  By and by, someone will ask me how to go about setting up an AWeber account.  All in all, it is a very simple process, plus you get 30 days to try it out for free to see if it’s your cup of tea.  So, let’s go through the process and then you’ll be confident when you go sign up.

Okay, the first thing you’ll want to do, of course, is go to  Once you arrive, you’ll see a green banner that says “Find Out Today – 30 Day Free Trial”.  You’ll want to click on this banner.  This will take you to your sign up page.

You’ll first fill out your login name, then your first and last name, email address and phone number.  The next section is you billng information; your billing address, city, state, zip code and country.  This is followed by your credit card number.  Why, you ask?  I know, I know.  I told you the first month is free, and it is.  They take your credit card now, so there will be no interruption with your service if you decide to continue your subscription after your free trial.  Why would you work on your mailing list a whole month for service to be interrupted and you have to start over again?

However, if you know you’re going to want to continue, you may want to go ahead and pay quarterly, or yearly saving yourself around 14%.  You’ll have these options at this point.  Next is your Service Agreement you can look over, then simply click “Start My Free Trial”.  Your account is now set up!

Just so you know, you ARE NOT agreeing to any contract or under no obligation by taking the free trial.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.  Simply cancel before your 30 days are up and you won’t be charged.  Also, you have access to everything the same you would for a paid account.  There is no limited access.  There are NO setup fees or hidden charges with any of the account plans and you can change your billing plan at any time in your Control Panel.

Once you sign up with AWeber, you’ll receive an email that will look something like this.


Once you have your password info you can head back to AWeber and log in.  There will be videos and tutorials showing you how to get started with your first email account.  They make it as simple as it is to set up your AWeber account!

So, there you have it!  I told you it was a simple process!  Now that you know how to set up your AWeber account, go give these guys a try.  You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Aweber, I also have and account and I have also listen as others explain how this system works and it is just great. I believe that every web owner should have and Aweber account.

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