How To Get More Followers To Instagram; Have Thousands of Followers!

th-13Welcome back to the fifth installment of my Instagram series!  This is a strategy that a lot of the big accounts on Instagram used to build their following quickly.  There are some that don’t really care for this method.  They are not sure if it’s really moral and feel it clashes with their code of ethics.  Actually, it is a widely used strategy and it is a decision you’ll have to make for yourself.

Before we move on, I’d like to refresh your memory of why we are discussing getting Instagram followers on a website dealing with making money online successfully.  Social puzzleMedia is a big piece of the puzzle for online income these days and I’ll eventually get around to discussing the role Twitter, Pinterest and others play in our quest for a steady stream of income from the internet.  So, the reason you are wanting to build your following on Instagram is simple.  It will lead to more traffic to your website which in turn will lead to more conversions which equates to more income!  So, let’s continue.

Okay, what if someone followed you and you realized they were a lot like another account your were following and you really liked that account?  Most likely you’d follow them back! Well, that’s the idea of this strategy.  Find accounts larger than yours and similar and already have the audience you’re wanting to develop.  Follow them and of course they’ll be notified that you’re a new follower and odds are, they’ll follow you back.  If there’s an account that’s like yours in content, it’s more than likely their audience will enjoy what YOU have to offer, also.

The process in a nutshell is:  (1) Find an account larger than yours that already has the audience you want.  (2)  Start following their followers that match your target audience.  (Make sure they’re not spam) (3)To go extreme, do this every hour up to 60 new  (The reason for 60 is Instagram doesn’t allow over 60 actions an hour, follow or unfollow.)  You don’t want to overdo it, or you could get blocked or account frozen by Instagram if they feel you are a spammer, so, don’t go crazy!

Now, Instagram also gives you a limit of how many accounts you can follow and that is 7,500.  So, you don’t want to waste any.  And, you don’t want to be following a whole lot more than are following you.  This looks bad and folks will tend to shy away from you. It makes you look desperate.  This is where you unfollow the ones that don’t follow you back.  You don’t want to unfollow if it’s just been a couple of days.  Be sure and give them plenty of time to notice you followed and to respond.  And, another way to not look like a spammer, is to interact with those you follow.  Like their posts.  Leave comments.  If they haven’t followed you after that, then most likely they don’ t plan to.

There is a software that can help in your follow/unfollow strategy.  It is called CrowdFire.  It sorts out the people who are not following you and makes it easy to unfollow them. crowdfire Otherwise, if you choose to do it manually, you’ll need to go into each profile to see if they are following you or not and then unfollow if they are not.  If it’s just a few, that would be okay, but we’re shooting big here and talking hundreds, if not thousands!

And this is just a drop in the bucket to what you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate!  If you’re not a member yet, what’s the hold up?  It is free to become a member.  No credit card.  No BS.  Do it!

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  1. Hey there Grant, thanks for info on Instagram. I have been curious to ways Instagram can be used naturally without violating any terms of service. Infographics can be a format to try. All the best, Oren

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