How To Get More Followers To Instagram; Then Watch Your Sales Soar!



Did you know 28% of the internet use Instagram?  That means about 400,000,000 people use Instagram each month.  Don’t you think you should get your business in front of these people?  I’m going to show you how to get more followers to instagram.

Choice of Approach

You have different choices of approach to building up your following on Instagram.  Even ways that cost you some money, and of course, if you have a budget for it, these would give faster results.  However, I’ll focus on the different free approaches.

A Plan

Before any kind of campaign or promotion, it’s always good to have goals set and a plan on how to reach those goals.  So, rather than just jumping in and working away at building up your following, you need to create an Instagram Marketing Plan for your growth.  The timeframe for your plan should be 90 days.  Too many variations can get in the mix on th-11anything longer than that.    You should definitely track your results at least weekly.  I stay on top of mine daily, but, weekly is fine.   Working on your plan faithfully should show 10% to 40% growth.  If you have money for this in your budget, then you’ll get the high side.  Set your traffic and followers goal and work backwards to see what you need to do.  If you want to have increased by 1400 followers in 12 weeks, and you only have 100 now, then you know you need to grow at a rate of roughly 25% per week to reach that goal.

The Username

Once you’ve got your plan, you want to set up your account.  And you want a username that rocks.  You need it to truly represent your business or your personal brand if you have one.  Which should you use, your name or your business name.  It depends on which you think would pull better.  Ask yourself this, would your audience search for your name or your brand name if looking for you on social media.  Then go with that.

Your Bio

You are only allowed 150 characters in your bio, so, you need to make every word count.  And this is the ONLY place you are allowed to put a link to your website on Instagram.  You can’t put a link on any of your posts or your comments.  So, you’ll need to add a call to action leading to your website in your bio.  You’ll want to make sure you have certain elements covered in your bio.  I’m using my bio on Instagram as an example.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.20.26 PM

You’ll want a short description explaining what you do.  “The best FREE tips and tools to build your online business” lets you know I help build businesses online.  Make sure you identify your target audience.  “your online business” shows this is for people that want an online business.  Make sure you add a strong call to action.  “Get FREE websites/hosting now!!”  Of course, the word FREE always grabs attention.  Using Emojis are good for directing attention to your link.  This link will take them to your homepage, content, landing page, etc.  And you want this link to be trackable.  The one thing thats frustrating right now, is you can’t track traffic from Instagram.  When you go to Google Analytics to see where your traffic to your website is coming from, Instagram won’t show.  You definitely don’t want to put all this work into building your following and then not see results on Google Analytics.  You’ll think it was all in vain and you’re getting nothing from Instagram.  In my next installment of this Instagram series, we’ll go over how to add a UTM source code to your link to track your traffic from Instagram and I’ll show you how to monitor it on Google Analytics.

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Give me any feedback you may have or questions down below and I’ll be happy to answer them!

Happy blogging!



ps.  Watch for the second installment of How to Get More Followers to Instagram!

6 Replies to “How To Get More Followers To Instagram; Then Watch Your Sales Soar!”

  1. Hi Grant,

    Thanks for giving out the fantastic tip about adding a link in Bio description. This is a good suggestion as it can drive traffic directly to our website.

    1. Yes. With that many users on Instagram, a business can’t afford to let that opportunity pass them by. Follow my series of blogs on getting traffic from Instagram. There’s more to come!

  2. Thanks for the reminder Grant! Businesses definitely need to leverage the craze which is social media. I have a couple of quick questions though: what would you define as realistic when it comes to setting follower count goals (assume I have 0 followers)? How exactly do I go about growing the number of my followers without having to pay? I have an idea of Facebook and Google Plus..all you need to do is join related groups and post quality content. I don’t think the same strategy applies to Instagram.

    1. There are several ways that you can build your followers. Of course, start with friends and family, or in a business situation, look for other accounts that are like yours and follow them. Lots of times they will follow back. The best way to build, however, is the S4S. Find someone whose audience you’d like to reach and you have the audience they’d like to reach. Of course, you’d find someone who has a similar amount of followers like you, or maybe a few more, and ask if they’d like to share for share. This means (to put it briefly) that you share his post with a call to action for your audience to follow it, and he will do the same for you. As your following grows, you keep doing this with larger and larger accounts. Follow my series on How to Get More Followers to Instagram and I’ll be covering three or four different ways to build your following.

  3. I really like your take on Instagram. I will save your page for future reference regarding Instagram. Very straight forward and the simplicity is excellent. Thanks again for the comment regarding my website building. I now have a better understanding of image adding after seeing your website. Thanks Grant

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