How To Add A Comment Box To A Website and Improve Your Google Rankings!


One thing that your website needs is a comment box at the end of your posts or at the end of your page.  You want to have a place for your visitors to leave their thoughts about your post or ask questions.  On top of being able to help your visitors this way, it improves your Google ranking.  Yes, that’s right.  Google loves interaction on your website.  So, this post is about how to add a comment box to a website.

Make Google Happy

As mentioned earlier, Google loves it when your website is active and invites interaction.make-google-happy  And the heartbeat of your website is helpful content.  And if you have helpful content, it’s going to encourage questions or responses.  If it’s controversial it will encourage possible arguments, opinions or even flat out disagreement.  But, regardless of the interaction, it shows that your website is doing what it’s supposed to do;  Help people in some sort of way.  And it shows that it’s interesting enough for people to take the time to leave a comment or ask a question or to argue.  Thus, Google is happy.  So, for all this to happen, you need a comment box.

The Comment Box

The comment box is a simple rectangle at the end of your post or page that is labeled “leave a comment”.  Under the box, it’s good to follow with spaces for your visitor to leave their name, email address and website if they have one.  This is good for you to be able to build your list of names to follow up on later, or send alerts that you have a new post up, or to send offers if you have any.  Since they left their info, you know they are interested in your website and what you have to offer.  So, now your killing two birds with one stone.  You’re getting interaction on your website which will improve your Google rankings AND you are building your mailing list for future conversions!

Adding the Comment Box

The steps in this post are for adding a comment box to your website using the WordPress comment-boxplatform.  There are two ways you can do this and both are simple.

First, go to your post on the WordPress Edit Post page, and on the right sidebar, click on Settings.  Next, click on Discussion.   You’ll see a series of checkboxes appear.  You want to make sure the first two are unchecked and then check the third box, “allow people to post comments on new articles”.  Then, to acquire their name and email as I mentioned above, check the box that says “comment author must fill out name and email”.  Then scroll down and make sure you save changes!  This should give you your comment box at the end of your posts.  This works for your posts that are not yet published.  To add to the posts you already have published on your site it’s a little different.

Adding Comment Box to Existing Post

Go to your WordPress editor and open your list of posts by clicking on “Posts”, then “All Posts”.  When you put your cursor on the title of the post you want, click on “Quick Edit”.  A box will open and you will want to make sure to check the box titled “Allow comments”.  Once again, don’t forget to click on Update when you’re finished.  You will now have a comment section on the existing post.  To allow comments to your pages, the procedure is similar except you’ll be clicking on “Pages” and then “All Pages”.

Ready to Rock and Roll!

Now you’re set with your comment section at the end of your posts and your pages and rock-and-rollyou can start receiving feedback from your blogs!  Welcome questions and opinions for the more interaction you can achieve, the happier Google will be and the higher your ranking will go in return!  I hope this has helped you in creating your comment box and improving your website.

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  1. Hi Grant,

    Nice Post thanks for the info. Leaving comments is certainly something every blog should have. I don’t like when you read a post and it is missing comment box. The only thing I would like to see sometimes is Email notification when there is a new response posted on your comment. That would be a great feature to have.

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