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If you are reading this then that means you are seriously looking for ways to bring in some extra income.  In fact, you may be looking for an alternate way of making a full-time income.  Well, you have come to the right place.  I’m here to show you how to start your own business online!

Look Forward to Going to Work.

I have created this website to do just that.  Help you get started bringing in an income that can help make your life a little less stressful.  And not only bringing in some income, but, bringing in income from something you actually enjoy doing.  How would you feel about that?

Get Rid of the “Get Rich Quick” Mentality

Why do you think you are still searching?  There are various reasons for this, but the main one is the “get rich quick” hope.  I’ll tell you now that you will have as much chance getting rich quick by buying a lottery ticket as you will with an internet scheme.  Once you can come to terms with this and redirect your search for a realistic income opportunity, half your battle will be over.  You can get rich from the internet.  It’s the quick part that you want to not focus on.  All good things take time and if you work hard and have patience, riches can be yours.

There Are Different Kinds of Riches

Also, being rich can mean different things for different folks.  I consider myself rich by being able to enjoy life without the stress of worrying over the bills, being able to eat out whenever I want without looking through my billfold and seeing if I can afford it and getting to travel to places I’ve always wanted to go.  I don’t need a mansion or a dozen extravagant cars to feel rich.  Just being able to do what I want when I want is all I’ll ever need to feel rich.  Go here to read more on my personal experience of success. It may be different for you and that is fine.  Whatever your idea of rich is, you can accomplish it.  It’s not going to be given to you.  You’ll have to work for it.  But it’s there waiting for you.

Try Before You Buy

The first thing you need to look for is an income opportunity that will let you do a test run for free.  Companies like Wealthy Affiliate that are real and not a scam will let you try before you buy.  This way, you get to see if it’s something that you would enjoy doing and confirm that it is a  working system that can bring more income into your life.

You’ll Want a Good Support Group.

Also, having people that will help you is a big plus in having internet success.  You can learn from people that have already had success.  When you get stuck and don’t know what to do next, it’s always good to have someone you can ask to help you work through your problem.  Everyone that succeeds online has help.

A Free Website is Always Good

And a website is a must.  Internet success is pretty much impossible without a website of your own.  There are companies that will provide you with a free website of your own.  This is always a plus.

Non-Stop Training Will Get You to Your Goal

And finally, getting the correct training will take you a long way toward your goals.  And then practice what is preached to you.  Apply, apply, apply.  You can’t get better at what you do without constant learning and practicing.

Now having said all the above, let me direct you to a company that will do all these things; people waiting to help you every step of the way;  provide you with not one, but two websites; and all of this for FREE.  $0.  It costs you NADA.  Simply click here to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

And The Choir Sang

My life changed when I clicked on that link and joined these folks.  I was able to try everything for myself, explore their website, chat with hundreds of people from all walks of life and do it all without a single penny out of my pocket.  They walked me through setting up my business online and are still there to help me at a moments notice.

Take time out and look the folks at Wealthy Affiliate over.  Look me up!  I’m always around the community to help out along with hundreds of others. I consider them my new family.  I’m sure you will too.

If you have any questions at all, please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.  Or leave any thoughts you may have on the subject.   You can also reach me on my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.


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24 Replies to “Getting Started”

  1. This sounds interesting! Do you think there is enough time in the day to do something like this having three young children at home? I was looking for something I could do online from home to make some extra money. Are there many options with the two websites I get? Is the community really helpful or is it like an internet forum where I might only get a reply or two in the next month? Thanks for your help! I look forward to your reply.

    1. Thanks for visiting my website, Adam. I believe the time one has each day to pursue his/her goals are what you make of it. I started in real estate 22 years ago and at the time had a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I was able to make it work and there was a lot more time required away from home, also! I studied and did my internet work once the kids were in bed. I’d make myself get up an hour earlier the next morning so I could do what I needed to do. So, I believe with this, all being done from your computer, you can find enough time to make it work. It’s a great resource for extra income. And you get two free websites to work with for free that I’ve found to be just as workable as any you’d find somewhere else. Plus, the community is there to help you every step of the way. And I mean real people that are there for you around the clock. I’ve gotten answers within minutes before. And I’ve never went to bed and got up the next morning without an answer waiting! Give it a try; There’s nothing to lose.

    2. @Adam,
      I just recently joined the Wealthy Affiliate community and I can testify, yes, they are helpful, and you get answers , sometimes within a matter of seconds. We are a community with a “pay it forward” mentality. You should give them a try. Like grant says, they are free to join . What do you have to lose?

  2. Hey very informative! It’s so true about the get rich quick part that a lot of folks have a hard time getting around! It’s like the old saying goes- The elevator to success is always broken, so you will have to take the stairs!” Is so true! The way I see it, time is going to pass regardless, so you might as well work through it and in a year or two you’ll be glad you did! Great article!

    1. Thanks Zach! All it takes is one step at a time. Set your goal and take tiny steps toward it. The majority of people are in too much of a hurry and don’t have the patience when all they had to do was take their time and stick to it. I wish you major success on your journey!

  3. Hi there and thanks for the information and being honest about the ‘get rich quick’ concept with internet marketing. You are so right. You have to invest much time and energy with a lot of research into getting your website up and running. Content is always the key and as much good quality content will keep you in good stead for the future. It is a waiting game as you say but while you’re waiting, get on with learning the ropes and adding your content.
    As you progress, you will find writing easier and you will start to gain your own style. Many seem to be stimied at the thought of writing posts or articles but as you get to learn and dedicate yourself to your own niche, you will become more of an expert on your subject, with the knowledge you gain day by day.
    All this has been explained to the prospective internet marketer and if I wasn’t already a member of WA, I would be joining after reading your post.

    1. Thank you, Ches, for checking out my website. Yes, it’s true. Nothing is going to be handed to you on a silver platter. But, honest and hard work will take you far. And if you just stick to it, like you said, you’ll just get better and better. The best of luck to you in the future.

    1. That’s all I want to do, Lynn is give honest information and help all I can with anyones journey to find their dream! This platform stands heads above any that you can find on the internet.

  4. Hey Grant,
    This sounds like a perfect opportunity to realistically work from home. I have been “suckered” into some of these “get rich overnight” schemes to where the only ones getting rich were the owners of these sites. I’m not afraid of doing the work, I just would like to see the “fruits of my labor” and this seems to be the platform to where I can do just that.
    How long has Wealthy Affiliate been around? I don’t want to invest in something that is “Here today and gone tomorrow.”

    1. Thanks for stopping by Greg! Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, so they are definitely not a “flash in the pan”. They are solid and stable. You can try them out as long as you want for free and if and when you go premium, there is no contract, you can stop at any time.

  5. Hey Grant, great site full of info and reviews. Certainly learned a lot from your posts. I will be returning soon, have bookmarked. I did not see a subscription option, would be good to get regular updates. Cheers Kev

  6. Totally agree on the support you can get when you are part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. I have joined for but six months now and it is great being around helpful and supportive people.

  7. Great advice, especially the bit about getting rich. It’s no good coming here looking for a get rich scheme. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for three months now and when I joined I didn’t have that mentality. I knew this was going to take a long time and a lot of effort to make things start to work. I’m still in the early stages but am getting feedback and lots of support from people within Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone reading this needs to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate and what it can do to help you and the people within it, they can do to help you

  8. Thanks a million for sharing this webpage there is so much information here and it is well detailed I can see that you have a whole lot of knowledge when it comes to online business, you have done a great job with your site. All thge best to you.

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