Get Followers With Instagram Hashtags; Then Watch Your Account Explode!

instagram-2Welcome to the fourth installment of my Instagram series on How To Get More Followers To Instagram.  A lot of times when I search for something on Instagram, I search by hashtags.  This is the most commonly used way to find what you’re looking for in a lot of the social media.  So, the second strategy I’m showing you is to get followers with Instagram hashtags.

When I find something on Instagram by using hashtags, I generally follow them because they were using the hashtags I was searching!  Most likely, your audience uses hashtags, too, so using all the hashtags that Instagram will allow, will help you grow your followers.
Right now, Instagram will let you use up to 30 hashtags per post.

I make a list of hashtags that I can use on various posts.  You should make up a list of 40 or hashtags50 hashtags.  Sort your hashtags so you can see which ones you want to use in each post.  Make certain, of course that they are relevant to your post.

To figure out what hashtags to use, click on some hashtags of popular accounts that are similar to yours.   See what the top posters are using.   If you’re just starting to build, choose hashtags that aren’t too big.  Aim for over 100,000 posts but not over a million. Your goal is to get to the top posts of these hashtags, so don’t choose hashtags which are too huge.

Now, that you have your list of hashtags that are relevant, start using them in your posts.  But, don’t put them in your actual post.  You want to put them in a comment after you’ve made your post.  You don’t want to clutter the actual post.

Now that you have the knowledge to use hashtags to your advantage, go for it.  This is just another step toward building your Instagram account following, thus, more traffic to your website!  And to learn more about building traffic to your website, go to Wealthy Affiliate now!  Don’t be left behind!

Happy blogging!



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