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Traffic.  Pure and simple.  That’s what you want and need for your website.  Keywords are what will bring you that traffic.  I’ve written this article as your guide to finding keywords for your website.  After you’ve read this, you should be on your way to increasing traffic and improving your ranking with Google search engine.

Let’s Get Started

Okay, first of all you need keyword ideas.  Let’s say you have a website and you want an idea for an article about keywords.  There is a neat little technique I use that is free to help you with that.  It’s called the Alphabet Soup technique.  Go to your Google Search.  Let’s say your website is about building websites.  First, in the search box, type in “keywords”. (You can type in whatever word you want depending on what you want to write about) You’ll get a few suggestions.  Now, add the letter “a”  as in “keywords a” and see what that brings up.  Mine brought up keywords apa, keywords amazon, keywords a vocabulary of culture and society, and keywords adwords.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.28.39 PM

Now, the keyword or phrase has to make sense as you’ll use it for your title in your blog.  Continue going through the alphabet.  For example: “keywords b”, then “keywords c”, etc.  As I continued “keywords f” brought up one suggestion “keywords for website”.  This would be one idea you might want to look into, since your website is about building websites.  So, for example’s sake, let’s run with that one.

Use Your Keyword Tool

Now you want to take that phrase and enter it into your keyword tool.  My favorite one is called Jaaxy.  This tool is nothing less than awesome.  Take the phrase you found “keywords for website” and enter it in the box at top left that says “Find Keywords”.  This is what your results will look like.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.11.56 PM


You’ll see first your phrase, “keywords for website” and that this phrase averages 242 searches a month, out of those you’ll get 42 coming to the website, and your competition is 243.  Your competition is the QSR number which means “quoted search results”.  This number is okay.  You definitely don’t want to go over 300.  But of course, the lower you can find that number, the better for your traffic results.  It also brings up other phrases that are in that line of thought and their results.  If you look over to the right, it has a brainstorming section that elaborates on the phrase you put in.  This will give you even more ideas.  I usually choose one that makes sense when you read it as a title such as “Find keywords for websites” or “best keywords for website traffic”.


This can be very effective in helping you decide titles for your blogs and articles which will result in traffic.  Of course, the traffic results on this chart is based on  you ranking on that first page of Google search results.  But, getting your content in place now with good keywords will pay off immensely down the road.  And if you have great content to hold the visitor once they are at your website, then you are on your way.

Give It a Try

Just so you can see how it works, go ahead and try a keyword search here.

Wrap Up

So, I’ve shown you the process of finding keywords for your website and I hope this will help you improve your traffic and income.  To check out more on the Jaaxy keyword search tool I use, go HERE.

2 Replies to “Finding Keywords For Your Website”

  1. Hi Grant,
    I came across your site when searching for help on building a website. I just read this article on keywords, and I’m wondering how often I need to write and how do I earn money from this? Or, does that depend on what I talk about? Thank you, in advance, I’ll check back for your answer.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Your content is the heart and soul of your website. In the perfect world, writing daily wouldn’t be too much. But, I know life gets in the way a lot, so I’d have a goal of at least three new blogs/articles a week. But, the more the better! The way I make money is in my blogs and articles I’ll have affiliate links to which the visitor can click on and it will take them to an offer. The offer depends on the blog/article or website. If they accept the offer or buy what is offered, I get a commission from the folks the link was to. There are other ways of making money on the net, this is just one. Hope this answers your question. If not, you can go to for more info on the subject.

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