What Is The Best Internet Marketing Training? Does It Really Blow Your Socks Off!?


So, I was looking for the right marketing training so I could get my online business off the ground.  Well, I had been burnt before and more than once, so,  I was skeptical of everything I looked into.  Until…….   Can this be the one?  Can it possibly this good?  This thing is blowing my socks off, I thought.  Well, let’s see just what is the best internet marketing training and does it really blow your socks off?!

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How To Add A Comment Box To A Website and Improve Your Google Rankings!


One thing that your website needs is a comment box at the end of your posts or at the end of your page.  You want to have a place for your visitors to leave their thoughts about your post or ask questions.  On top of being able to help your visitors this way, it improves your Google ranking.  Yes, that’s right.  Google loves interaction on your website.  So, this post is about how to add a comment box to a website. Continue reading “How To Add A Comment Box To A Website and Improve Your Google Rankings!”

What Is a Landing Page Template?

I’ve seen a couple of WA members ask, “What is a landing page template?” so, that was my inspiration for this blog.

The Landing Page              th

First, let’s go over just what is a landing page?  Well, this is simply the page that a visitor is taken to after clicking on a result in a search engine. If they happen to be looking for “Jim’s Blogging Heaven” and they type that into the Google search bar, “Jim’s Blogging Heaven” will show up in the results.  When they click on it, it will take them to their website and the page you end up on is the landing page. Continue reading “What Is a Landing Page Template?”

How To Use a Keyword Tool

There’s a lot of hub bub about keywords going on out there.  Yeah, keywords are all fine and dandy, but, how in the world do you know what you want to use as your keyword and how do you find them?!  Well, this is where I come in and show you how to use a keyword tool in finding the right keyword for you.

Show not tell

And this time I’m going to include a video and actually SHOW you how to accomplish this instead of just merely telling you.  This way, you can look over my shoulder and see just how to find and choose your keywords.  And without further adieu……… Continue reading “How To Use a Keyword Tool”

Building a Website for Free

With the high cost of just about everything out there I would assume anyone would want to know more about building a website for free.  And I don’t mean one of these websites th-83that you have to let pop-up ads overrun your site taking away the attention from what you have to offer.  I’m talking about a class A WordPress website that can look as professional as you want.  In fact, the website you are on right now was built with the same WordPress platform I’m about to show you. Continue reading “Building a Website for Free”