What Is the Best Way to Work From Home?



Okay, I know what “you guys” idea of working from home is.  Roll out of bed whenever           you finally wake up, make some coffee, throw your laptop on the couch and head back into the kitchen.  Pour your coffee and head back to the couch…..wait…grab a couple of donuts.  Now, head back to the couch with your “breakfast” and grab the remote and switch on the tv to the cartoon channel.  Wait, dang it, forgot to open the blinds.  But, not too much since you’re only wearing your boxers and the mail lady walks right by the window if you’ve got mail.  So, you open the blinds, sit back down put the laptop in your lap while drinking coffee in one hand, eating a donut with the other, only to set it down to peck a few keys before you take another bite.  The whole time, your favorite cartoons are playing in the background.  Man, what a gig this is.  How could you not love your work. Continue reading “What Is the Best Way to Work From Home?”

What Does Being Successful Mean to You?


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“I won’t be happy until I have a million dollar house, another vacation house on the beach, a few mil in the bank so I can travel the world with my wife.”  Then he looked at me and asked, “What does being successful mean to you?”  Tim was serious.  He was the sole proprietor of a landscaping company.  I was his hired hand and five years older than him, a musician making some extra bucks.

He worked hard.  Built his business and had a crew of 10 or more.  Long days mowing 15 yards a day and usually included Saturdays.  Sundays, if it rained too much during the week.  He paid off their starter home and built a much bigger house in an elite area which was close to the million dollar mark.  Along the way, he socked money away, talking about the travels him and his wife were going to have…. once he was successful.  Then, Tim died suddenly, barely 50.  And at that time, in his mind, he wasn’t successful yet. Continue reading “What Does Being Successful Mean to You?”

How to Make Money Online at Home

In today’s world, with companies downsizing, along with the popularity of stay at home moms and stay at home dads, more and more people are asking how to make money
online at home?

There are many ways, believe it or not, one can do this.  Yes, and I mean legally.  And over time, here on my website, I will be showing you different ways in an effort to help the average folk like me be able to do so.  Today I am going to cover one of my favorite techniques.  Affiliate marketing. Continue reading “How to Make Money Online at Home”

Welcome to The Road to Internet Success!


Hello and welcome!  This is going to be short and sweet.  This is just my welcome post to tell you a little bit about what this website is about.  I am building this website to be the be all and end all of all your searching for internet success.  I’ve been so frustrated many times over the years in my search for internet wisdom.  Just to have that one little boost.  That one point in the right direction.  Only to find that it was all a cloaked trap to get a bit more money from me and I left knowing not one thing more than when I arrived.  And maybe even less. Continue reading “Welcome to The Road to Internet Success!”