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Hey everyone! I guess this can be considered a review, but not really. Just consider this a praise! I rarely create a blog like this one, but I am SO impressed and happy with AWeber support, I need to put it out there.
I have had quite a few questions and have been stumped at what to do while working with AWeber more times than I should. Not because of AWeber, but because of me.  lol  Sometimes, when it comes to various softwares with my business, I’m not the shiniest apple, so I need to ask a lot of questions.

With AWeber, the first place I go when I’m stuck is their live chat.  For me, it’s perfect because I do most of my online work in the mornings, sometimes quite early.  These guys have added an extra four hours to their live chat and now open their live chat at 4am EST through the week and close it at 8pm EST.  EVERY question I have ever thrown their way has been answered within seconds!  Click onto their live chat and a rep is there immediately waiting on you to ask away.  The knowledge these guys have is amazing and I know to have a good support system, they need to have the knowledge.  Well, they’ve never let me down and many times go over the top with their answers followed by explanations for this slow mind.
If, by chance, you miss their live chat hours, they have alternate ways of getting support.  You can get answers by emailing  The times I’ve been working late night and had a question, I’d simply send an email and the answer was waiting for me when I got up the next morning.  This was handy since I started lots of times in the morning before their live chat was open.  (Of course, now with their new chat hours, they’re on their fourth cup of coffee by the time I start!)

They also have three mobile apps that you can contact their support team through.  So, even on the go, they are at your fingertips eagerly waiting to answer any questions.

But wait! There’s more!  No support would be complete without the good ‘ole phone number contact and AWeber has these, too.

Toll Free: +1 877-293-2371
International Phone: +1-215-825-2196
Monday-Friday: 8AM-8PM US Eastern Time

Their Live Chat hours are Monday-Friday 4am-8pm EST
Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm EST Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm EST
In closing, I’d like to say if other companies out there would strive to have a support team at the level of AWeber’s, they would certainly see their client base soar.  Support is the heartbeat of any company and without a good support team, your life will be short.

So, hat’s off to AWeber’s support team!  Keep on doing what you do!  And if anyone out there happens to need their support at anytime, give their Customer Solutions Specialist, Chris F., a holler and say Grant sent you!

Happy Blogging!


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