Ad Link Tracking; You’re Losing Money If You Don’t!

PPC.  A scary advertising world when I first entered.  I had no clue, but it seemed a lot of my colleagues were doing good at it.  Off the bat, I threw away a lot of money.  Green I was.  There were various reasons, which I won’t get into in this blog, but plan to in the future.  Then I learned about PPC ad tracking.  The choir sang and I had my “Aha” moment!  No more losing money!

Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

Even if you’re just starting to get your feet wet in the PPC world, ad tracking, or link tracking is a must.  Otherwise, you’re putting ads out there blindly and not knowing where the traffic is coming from.  You won’t know which ads are working, or which ones aren’t or which ones are losing you money.  Now, if you only have one or two ads, this is no problem.  You pretty much know where they’re coming from, but, if you have twenty or thirty like I do, plus ads on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus, then you might as well be playing the lottery with your money.  You’re just throwing your money out there and hoping.  And, that was what I was doing.

Link Tracking Made Easy

Once I found link tracking, it became a very simple procedure.  Within your link in your promotion, you simply embed a code for that particular ad.  For instance, if my link was, I would put this on PPC ads and also FB and maybe on my website.  With the track linking software, it would generate a tracking code for me and say it then looked like this:  If I was putting this on FB, I would assign FB to that particular code.  Then when I went to my reports, out from FB, it would show how many clicks had been on that particular link.

Then, you would just turn around and do it for all of your different places you are placing the ad.  It’s the same link,, but each one will have a different /code at the end and you can assign it according to your placement, such as Instagram, PPC1, PPC2, etc or GooglePlus.  Now, when you go to your report, it will show how many clicks you’re getting from each one and the number of your conversions.  Now, you have a handle on things.  You can eliminate the ones that are getting clicks and no conversions (costing you money), and tweak the ones that are getting clicks and converting (making you money).

Have Peace Of Mind

With the link tracking in place, you have an important step complete in having control over your ad budget and link placements not to mention peace of mind.  This is crucial to staying in the black with your business.  Once you know where your traffic is coming from, then you can concentrate on other areas of your ads like wording of your ad, keywords used in your PPC campaign, the time of day or night you run these ads, etc.

There are various websites out there that offer link tracking and they usually have other bells and whistles that will help you like analytics, monitoring, redirecting, etc.  I tried various ones, but my favorite is Improvely.  To me, they are the simplest to use.  I was able to have my ads tracking within minutes and can watch the results in real time.  You may find others you like better, but for me, Improvely stands out.

Hope this has enlightened you, especially, if you are just putting links out there everywhere like I did, and not have any idea which one your clicks are coming from.  Now, you will have control over your ads and more importantly, control over your money!

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Thanks for reading, and I wish you success in all your endeavors!

Happy blogging!


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