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Hello.  I’m Grant and I’d like to share with you what I’m all about and why I’m here.

I was a traveling musician my whole life.  In the early days it was the hotel circuit.  My band would play at a Holiday Inn for a week or two at a time.  They’d give us rooms, maybe a discount on meals, then at the end of the week, you’d get paid with your bar tab already deducted.  Lots of the guys in the band didn’t have much of a paycheck very often.  Luckily, I usually did.  But, not a lot.  Of course, didn’t need a lot since I had a place to stay and discounted food.  All the guys would chip in on gas to get to the next gig.  It was a great life.  I’d do it again.

I was on the road full time from about 20 years old until 40.  Then marriage entered the picture along with two children and the road life came to an end.  But, I wanted it that way so I could be around my kids as they grew up.  I just started doing local shows where I didn’t have to travel or be away overnight.  However, the music world (at least on my level), wasn’t bringing in the money I needed to raise a family, and most importantly, being a musician I had no retirement funds put away.  I started looking for something else.

Real estate caught my eye real fast.  My Dad had made friends bird hunting with a multi-millionaire from town who had made it big in real estate.  Naturally, I went to him and asked if he would fund my real estate endeavors and shockingly he agreed.  So, over the next 10 years, I would find a house I wanted to rehab and rent and he’d carry the mortgage on it.  I acquired 6 houses and had good renters in four.  This was going to be a good retirement income when the time came and I was pretty happy with how it was going…until…

The millionaire passed away unexpectedly.  We had become pretty good friends and it was a shock.  I was thankful that he had helped me acquire the properties and establish some old age security.  Wrong.

The estate wouldn’t carry the mortgages on the properties and I was told to either pay them off or turn them over to the estate.  Well, the big real estate crash had just happened and you can imagine how the banks looked at giving a musician with no credit a loan to pay off 6 properties.  You’re right.  They didn’t look at it at all.

Oh, and did I mention I had put our farm up as collateral to get improvement loans for the properties?  And renewal time for that loan arrived just at the same time?  Yup.  Lost all the rental properties.  And since I didn’t have that rental income to show anymore, the bank wouldn’t renew my loan on the farm.  So, I lost that, too.  And to top it off, after 18 years, the marriage ended also.

Do you know how it feels to be 58 years old moving back in with your parents?  For about a year or so, life was surreal.  I didn’t really do much but exist.  Finally, I woke up and kicked myself into gear and found new work.  Rehabbing repo houses for the bank.  I was now 60 years old.

I swore there’d be no more women in my life, much less, marriage.  I’d just be a working bachelor and enjoy my kids as they began their separate lives.  NOT!  At 62 years old I remarried.  A beautiful woman, Tonja, and she’s 16 years younger than me!   Life should be great about now!  And it was for a bit, but…

Physically, it was starting to get hard on me rehabbing the houses.  My knees started getting bad, along with my back.  I couldn’t do the roofing anymore.  It seemed like drywall was getting heavier by the day.  Some mornings it was hard to get out of bed.  It felt like I had been hit by a truck.  So, I figured I had better check into getting my social security and cutting back a bit on the rehabbing.

Do you know how much social security an ex-musician gets?  Believe me, you don’t want to know.  Along with that check and no retirement, I pretty much was below poverty level.  I had a new wife!  I’m old fashioned and wasn’t about to let her support us.  But, with no retirement and a diddly-squat social security check, I had to do something.  There was so much yet to do in life with Tonja.  We both loved to travel.  We were both foodies and enjoyed eating out often, trying new dishes.  But, it all takes money.

I happened to meet a guy while listening to a friends band one night and he told me about how he was doing internet marketing.  He could go anywhere he wanted anytime he wanted and still work as long as he had his laptop.  I thought this sounded like exactly what I needed!  So, I started doing research and found a “website university” called Wealthy Affiliate that taught everything you need to know about starting and running an internet business.  They had awesome reviews and appeared to be the real deal.

But, in my research I read about lots of scams out there.  And, I didn’t know if any of it was real.  Especially, I wasn’t sure if I could do such a thing.  I didn’t have a clue how to begin.  And of course, friends just thought it was all scams and I’d be throwing away money.

Well, I figured, if you want to be a lawyer or a doctor, you have to go to school for it and you have to pay.  If I wanted to learn how to make an income online, I needed to go to school for it and pay.  However, it was only costing me a fraction of what I’d pay to learn to be a lawyer, but, there was the potential I could make ten times what a lawyer could make.  Kind of a no-brainer.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

I studied hard.  I built websites, started blogging, started posting on social media.  I needed plug-ins for my website, but, was running low on money.  I was paying $49 a month for the schooling, (which I was able to come up with by cutting out the soda I’d buy each day) but, I wanted to do more.  I wanted to get into ads on Google and Bing.  I wanted to do solo ads.  I was afraid.  It was all new to me.  But, I made myself push forward.  I took on some painting jobs for the bank to get that extra money to do those things.  And, after pretty much a year to the day, I made my first sale!

A grand total of 46 cents.  You would have thought it was $46,000!  I was ecstatic!  First of all, it proved to me that money COULD  be made online and most of all that I was capable of doing it.

But, my next month I made around $39 and then $86 and it built from there.  It took me a year to make my first penny, but within six months from that first sale, I had recouped all the money I had put into the school and ads.  And then, the icing on the cake;  I discovered ClickFunnels through a friend at WA, which accelerated my online income.  I have hit as high as $2,100+ for a month.  At this point, I’m averaging $800 to $1,000 a month in recurring income and plan to reach $6,000 a month within a year from now.

I know $800 extra a month may not seem like much to some folks, but I DO know it’s a game changer for many.  I want to show those folks how to make it happen for them, whether they need more retirement funds or planning for retirement or even young and want to get a great jump on things and retire early.  Because, Lord knows, if I am able to do this, anyone can.  And for me, I have the satisfaction of knowing I can do this.  An old musician without a computer background.  And I’m not killing myself physically and I have already worked from the beach a several times.  And most of all, I’m taking care of and enjoying life with Tonja.


If you’d like to follow me on my journey, you can read more of my start to where I am now HERE.

4 Replies to “About Me and Why I Am Here”

  1. Thanks for sharing that personal journey, Grant. I have looked at click funnels but the costs are high. I guess I am afraid to spend money when I have none…and I can so relate to your story and being self-employed and now broke as hell due to health issues which forced me to stop working. When I see stories like yours it gives me hope and I dig in a little deeper. I am doing dropshipping and the funnels seem like a great way to go.

  2. I can really relate to your story, only I’m a female, and will never remarry in a million years! I used to be a renovation junky, (and artist) but now that I am divorcing at age 53, with a tween to raise to boot (! late bloomer on having a baby) I’m taking housing painting jobs in between house cleaning jobs… living precariously job to job, and it’s really starting to hurt physically. I’ve been left with debt, medical bills for my kid, and no retirement, and the ex is getting away with little consequences. There would be nothing more satisfying than to be successful and not fear the future. I’d be interested in talking with you about this if you have time.

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