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My name is Grant, an online entrepreneur.            1377162_10200764433449399_668942891_n


I was born in ’53.  I’ve been a musician my whole life and a handyman for the last twenty years to supplement my musical income.  So I had no special internet skills; I was no marketing genius; I was simply determined. I am just another guy trying to figure out a way to continue a good income that’s easier on my body as I go into retirement.  I know there are thousands of people wanting to do the same.  Well, I’m here to help!  If you’d like to see some honest figures of my progress over the last year, check this blog out.

I’ve been at this internet business off and on for 15 years and have tried scores of programs but never really had success the way that I had always read about.

I had the wrong mindset!

Get rich quick!  That’s what I was I thinking.  So, if those dollars didn’t come rolling in within a few weeks, I moved on to the next get rich quick scheme.  I finally realized…  There is no such thing as get rich quick.  If you’re being told that, then turn and run.

That’s why I created this website.  To help others and point them in the right direction to finally bring some extra income into their lives.  And not feed them a bunch of bull and empty promises.  And, yes, there is work involved.  But if you stay with it, follow the plan, success will become a reality.  Part time income or full time.  It’s just a matter of how much effort you want to exert.

The community I belong to (which is free) turned my life around and finally got me on the right track with my online business.  If you’d like to learn more about it click this link.

So again, welcome, and feel free to comment below or contact me on my profile page at WealthyAffiliate.com.

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  1. Hi, Grant!
    Your website is coming along. I look forward to returning soon.
    Affiliate marketing is better than ever. I like your sensible approach.

  2. Oh, so true! I was looking under rocks for rainbows! Whether on the internet or not, work is needed. But just as I tell my students in school, there is a way to work ‘smarter’ that makes working harder unnecessary. I am looking forward to learning how to work smarter and not harder with Wealthy Affiliate. Blessings! Carla

  3. It’s been a while since the last comment and I just wanted to see how you’re doing. I remember reading about your start. Can you let me know how things are going now in 2019? Thanks!

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