What Is Your Money Blueprint? How Do You Change It?

Hello dear friends and fellow entrepreneurs. Once again, i’d like to thank you for taking the time out to read my blogs here. I don’t claim to be an expert by all means, only passing along what I can that I have learned and works for me and others that I know. I began a series earlier about blog formatting and made it through 4 of the planned 13 and you may be wondering what happened to it. Don’t worry, it’s still in process, but I’m switching it over into the training section and if you’re following me, I’m assuming you’ll see in the notifications when I have it published and ready for viewing.

Today we’ll change gears a little and go into an area of mindset. Knowing all the tools of the trade is important, but what’s truly more important is inside you. In fact, I have a book I hope to have finished and released by late February dealing with just that.

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How To Build An Email List and Why You Need One

Hello dear friends and fellow entrepreneurs! I hope all is well and you’re moving forward with your business! Today, let’s talk about your email list.

I’ve seen a lot of affiliate marketers all excited about putting their affiliate links out there, whether it be in their blogs, or paid ads, or social media, or wherever. And that’s all fine and good EXCEPT… I see them doing it wrong. Totally wrong. They have it where the customer clicks on their link and then it sends them straight to the affiliate product’s sales page.

What’s wrong with this picture? You’re thinking, “Nothing. They clicked on the affiliate link and going to the sales page and if they buy, the affiliate will get the commission. That’s what we want.”

Wrong! Yes, we want the commission, but what’s being left out here?

What’s being left out is YOU!.

You have no idea who just bought from you. You can’t follow up with another offer or maybe another product they’d like. Or a higher ticket product. YOU totally lose out. But, the company you just referred a customer to, knows who bought from them. They’ve got their email address. You’ve got zilch except hopefully a sale and commission. But, if no sale, zilch.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting a sale. But you should get so much more, and if it’s possible then take advantage of it!

The Email List

The way you want to set this up is, when they click on your affiliate link, they are sent to your opt-in page. There is where if they want to see the product they are interested in, they fill in their email address, THEN they are sent to the affiliate product’s sales page. (I sometimes send them to a bridge page first where I explain a little more about the product, or give testimonials, written or videos, etc). But, the simple first example will work fine, also.

But, the cool thing about it now, is you have an email address that goes on your email list. This is gold! And this is what you want to do on all your affiliate links.

Why An Email List?

The reason this is so important is you now have an email address of someone you KNOW is interested in buying. They are a warm lead. Now, through your autoresponder, you can send them follow up offers, other products, or retarget them on the first one they didn’t buy with a different angle. In other words, they are now free traffic for you!

The majority of marketing statistics show that you should average at least $1 each month per subsciber on your email list. So, this means, if you have 300 subscibers on your list, you should be able to send offers throughout the month to that list and generate $300 from that list that month. So, think about if you build that list to 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000!

This is why you need a list. This is why you need to have that opt-in page. The easiest way to do the opt-in page is with a sales funnel. It can be done from scratch on your WordPress, it’s just a little harder and takes a little longer, but if your budget is tight, then it may be the best route at the start.

But, by all means, CAPTURE THAT EMAIL ADDRESS. As it grows, you’ll find it to be your biggest source of free traffic to your offers.

Hope you’ve gained a little insight on email lists and why they’re important.. As always, if you have any questions, post them in the comments. I’d love to answer them.

Until next time…Take Action!


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Five Things You Should Look For When Choosing An Affiliate Opportunity

Hello dear friends and fellow entrepreneurs! Welcome back to this old man’s blog! I’ve said before, I love affiliate marketing and always looking for ways to get better. As I find them, I’ll pass them along. For now, I’ll try and show you what I know up to this point.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of companies out there that have affiliate programs. I’m sure you know Amazon does, but did you know Walmart does, also? There are even companies that book private jet planes that have affiliate programs. Just about everyone does these days, so how on earth do you choose which one to promote. And how many?

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What Is Affiliate Marketing? And How Does It Work?

Hello dear friends and fellow entrepreneurs! Want to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate all of you and your questions and comments and claps! It makes me feel like I am accomplishing what I set out to do, and that’s deliver value to everyone I can. So, thank you for reading my blogs and participating in the comment section!

Now, today we’re going over something that I would say most of you already know. However, I don’t like assuming things because you know what that can do…

So, I just want to go over quickly what affiliate marketing is and the way it works.

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The Top Four Online Business Models

Hello dear friends and entrepreneurs! This online business is exciting! There is so many ways out there pulling at you to try and make money. So many paths available and lots of them will make money, while others don’t. However, there are a few that make MUCH more money and that’s what we’re going to focus on today. The top four online business models. But first, there is a certain criteria the ideal model should answer to. Jay Abraham calls them “Profit Activators”. It’s three simple things an online business needs to be able to do to make the best profits.

  1. It should be able to get more customers
  2. Do repeat business with those customers
  3. Sell higher-ticket products to increase revenue

These four models have all three of the Profit Activators.

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What Is a Sales Funnel? Is The Website Really Dead?

First of all, I’ve been with a platform called Wealthy Affiliate since 2015 and I love the training, the community, the camaraderie…the whole kit and kaboodle. Along with the ongoing training, you also get 50 websites hosted for you. So, of course I have my own website, well, four actually, and will continue having a website and probably add lots more! It’s where I do my blogging and yes, I still lead folks through my affiliate links in various blogs after giving them plenty of value. However, there are times, when the website is not as efficient as I want it to be. And, I’m letting you know now, that I’m working on figuring out ways to “tighten up” my website. To try to make it flow better, more consistent, more relevant. I’m trying to make it to where there is a specific path and you’re not left to wander. But, this isn’t easy. Anyway…i digress.

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What Is a Value Ladder? Why Do You Need It?

Before I really got into online marketing, I totally missed out on the value ladder. I didn’t have a clue. It was only when I got involved with ClickFunnels and Legendary Marketer that I even heard of such a thing. And then, my eyes were opened just why I had not been successful up to that point.

A value ladder in marketing, is all around you in the real world. Dentists, mechanics, chiropractors, etc. They all use the value ladder in their marketing.

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Legendary Marketer 30-Day Bootcamp

I’ve been blogging for roughly 4 years. Before that I wrote everything from magazine articles to television scripts. None ever published. However, I do get traffic to my website for my blogs…some anyway.

Along comes Legendary Marketer’s 30-Day Bootcamp. Why should I waste my time with that? I know how to write. I’ve been doing this already for a few years. I know what I’m doing. Or do I?

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