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What’s the Best Web Hosting Company? Are They Worth the Money?



Recently, I decided to search the internet to see who the best website hosting providers were.  I never realized there were so many.  You have GoDaddy, HostGator,, EHost, HostClear, iPage, IdeaHost, BlueHost, SiteBlog, and it goes on and on. But what’s the best web hosting company? Continue reading What’s the Best Web Hosting Company? Are They Worth the Money?

What Is a Landing Page Template?

I’ve seen a couple of WA members ask, “What is a landing page template?” so, that was my inspiration for this blog.

The Landing Page              th

First, let’s go over just what is a landing page?  Well, this is simply the page that a visitor is taken to after clicking on a result in a search engine. If they happen to be looking for “Jim’s Blogging Heaven” and they type that into the Google search bar, “Jim’s Blogging Heaven” will show up in the results.  When they click on it, it will take them to their website and the page you end up on is the landing page. Continue reading What Is a Landing Page Template?

What Is The Number One Way To Make Money Online?


The burning question!  The pot of gold at the end of the internet rainbow!  It’s the question that I think every internet entrepreneur has asked.  “What is the number one way to make money online?”  I believe if there was a straight forward answer to that question, everyone under this world’s old sun would be doing it and we’d have lots of millionaires running amok!  This almost comes down to the same answer as “What does being successful mean to you?”  The reason being, I could ask twenty different people “What is the best way for making money online?” and there would  be a good chance I would get at least ten different answers if not more.  Why?  Because different  people are good at different things and everyone is not good at the same thing. Continue reading What Is The Number One Way To Make Money Online?

How To Use a Keyword Tool

There’s a lot of hub bub about keywords going on out there.  Yeah, keywords are all fine and dandy, but, how in the world do you know what you want to use as your keyword and how do you find them?!  Well, this is where I come in and show you how to use a keyword tool in finding the right keyword for you.

Show not tell

And this time I’m going to include a video and actually SHOW you how to accomplish this instead of just merely telling you.  This way, you can look over my shoulder and see just how to find and choose your keywords.  And without further adieu……… Continue reading How To Use a Keyword Tool