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What Does Being Successful Mean to You?


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“I won’t be happy until I have a million dollar house, another vacation house on the beach, a few mil in the bank so I can travel the world with my wife.”  Then he looked at me and asked, “What does being successful mean to you?”  Tim was serious.  He was the sole proprietor of a landscaping company.  I was his hired hand and five years older than him, a musician making some extra bucks.

He worked hard.  Built his business and had a crew of 10 or more.  Long days mowing 15 yards a day and usually included Saturdays.  Sundays, if it rained too much during the week.  He paid off their starter home and built a much bigger house in an elite area which was close to the million dollar mark.  Along the way, he socked money away, talking about the travels him and his wife were going to have…. once he was successful.  Then, Tim died suddenly, barely 50.  And at that time, in his mind, he wasn’t successful yet. Continue reading What Does Being Successful Mean to You?