What Is Instagram For Business And How You Can Benefit



Pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  Nice to look at.  Some are actually breathtaking and very interesting.  But, that’s all Instagram is good for.  Pictures.  Showing off your latest snapshot or iPhone gem.  Trying to see how many likes or shares you can get.  It’s okay for your leisure time.

That’s where you are missing the boat!  If you have a business, isn’t there a picture or two or more out there that can sum up what your business is about?   Isn’t there a picture or quote that might draw attention where they may want more?  Yes there is.  Just exactly what is Instagram for business?  It can be a lot, believe me. Continue reading “What Is Instagram For Business And How You Can Benefit”

How To Add A Comment Box To A Website and Improve Your Google Rankings!


One thing that your website needs is a comment box at the end of your posts or at the end of your page.  You want to have a place for your visitors to leave their thoughts about your post or ask questions.  On top of being able to help your visitors this way, it improves your Google ranking.  Yes, that’s right.  Google loves interaction on your website.  So, this post is about how to add a comment box to a website. Continue reading “How To Add A Comment Box To A Website and Improve Your Google Rankings!”

How To Get More Followers To Instagram; Then Watch Your Sales Soar!



Did you know 28% of the internet use Instagram?  That means about 400,000,000 people use Instagram each month.  Don’t you think you should get your business in front of these people?  I’m going to show you how to get more followers to instagram.

Choice of Approach

You have different choices of approach to building up your following on Instagram.  Even ways that cost you some money, and of course, if you have a budget for it, these would give faster results.  However, I’ll focus on the different free approaches. Continue reading “How To Get More Followers To Instagram; Then Watch Your Sales Soar!”

Get Followers With Instagram Hashtags; Then Watch Your Account Explode!

instagram-2Welcome to the fourth installment of my Instagram series on How To Get More Followers To Instagram.  A lot of times when I search for something on Instagram, I search by hashtags.  This is the most commonly used way to find what you’re looking for in a lot of the social media.  So, the second strategy I’m showing you is to get followers with Instagram hashtags. Continue reading “Get Followers With Instagram Hashtags; Then Watch Your Account Explode!”

Why is a Niche Important?

Okay.  You’re ready to build a website.  You’re ready to blog to your hearts content and inform and help people and even maybe make some money along the way.  “But wait!” I th-94say.  “What is it going to be about?  What is your niche?”  You answer and say, “I don’t know what the heck a niche is and why is a niche important, anyway?  Well, that’s what I’m about to explain to you, so, you might as well sit back, relax and listen.  Why?  Because a niche is VERY important.  It’s important for your website, your traffic, your income.  So, let’s sort it all out. Continue reading “Why is a Niche Important?”

Remembering My Dad


The greatest gift I ever had came from God.  I called him Dad.  With Father’s Day coming up, I can’t help remembering my Dad and his views on being your own boss and what success meant to him.  I lost him over two years ago.  He was just shy of 90.  He lived a “full and rich life” as they say and he never hesitated on giving his view. Continue reading “Remembering My Dad”

What Is the Best Way to Work From Home?



Okay, I know what “you guys” idea of working from home is.  Roll out of bed whenever           you finally wake up, make some coffee, throw your laptop on the couch and head back into the kitchen.  Pour your coffee and head back to the couch…..wait…grab a couple of donuts.  Now, head back to the couch with your “breakfast” and grab the remote and switch on the tv to the cartoon channel.  Wait, dang it, forgot to open the blinds.  But, not too much since you’re only wearing your boxers and the mail lady walks right by the window if you’ve got mail.  So, you open the blinds, sit back down put the laptop in your lap while drinking coffee in one hand, eating a donut with the other, only to set it down to peck a few keys before you take another bite.  The whole time, your favorite cartoons are playing in the background.  Man, what a gig this is.  How could you not love your work. Continue reading “What Is the Best Way to Work From Home?”