Russell Brunson’s Funnel University Review 2017

Funnel University Review                     

Name: Funnel U
Owner: Russell Brunson
Overall Rank: 99 out of 100

Funnel U Product Overview

Funnel U is sales funnels on steroids!  If you truly want to learn everything there is to know about building sales funnels and actually doing it while you learn, then Funnel U is the place to be.   Funnel University was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to help you actually make money.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:                                                                                                                                               

  • 14-day free trial
  • $697 Marketing course Free when you do the trial (you can keep after trial       even if you don’t join)
  • Russell Brunson is your teacher
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Choice of monthly or yearly payment



The Bad:                                                                                                                   

  • Ok, you have to pay for it.  And that’s not bad.

Who is Funnel University For?

Funnel U is for everyone.  Newbies to experienced marketers.  Russell Brunson is obsessed with building the perfect sales funnel and puts 120% energy into researching and hacking other funnels to see what makes them succeed or fail.  If you have any kind of product or business, you can greatly benefit at Funnel U.

Funnel University Tools and Training                                                                 

  • Russell has a tons of videos and webinars, training in all aspects of his click   funnels.  In the Funnel Hacking Newsletter booklets, you’ll have access to all the back issues for 14 days.  In these, he dissects and explains how his two top sales funnel picks of the month work and what makes them work.  He has training lined up for each of his funnels that he dissects monthly and if you like that funnel, it’s set up where you can click on a link and that funnel will load into your membership account and you can edit it to use as your own.  Then, moving forward you will receive a newsletter each month with his top two picks of the month.
  • Also, he gives you access to all his own custom software plug-ins they have built to help increase their conversions in their sales funnels. These include: Instant Survey Generator, Video Image Generator, Webinar Chat App, Instant File Uploader, Image Headline Generator and whatever new plug-ins they develop as time goes on.
  • Access to over 31 scripts that will help customize your Clickfunnels pages which are not possible inside you editor.
  •  You’ll get access to Funnel-U Labs Underground exclusive books including; Funnel Stacking: The Three Core Funnels, DotCom Secrets Labs: 108 Proven Split Test Winners, and the Funnel U Black Card: Marketing Course on a USB card

Funnel University Support

The support that is offered here is excellent.  I have always had quick responses for any questions I have had, even from Russell, himself.  They also have a couple of Facebook pages, where you can get forum style answers pretty fast, sometimes immediately.  If you’re an affiliate, I really like the ClickFunnels Avengers group on FB.  And, of course, they always have the email support.

Funnel University Price

To start off with, Funnel U has a 14-Day Free Trial where you can try out the platform and see if it’s for you.  After the free trial, you can join for $67 a month or $597 a year.

There will be an upsell, which is not manditory for his product, the Funnel Catcher which would be $297.  If you’re serious about sales funnels, this is well worth the price.

My Final Opinion of Funnel University

The question is;  Do you like funnels?  That’s the bottom line.  If you do, then I have not found anyone that comes close with the passion of building sales funnels, tearing apart and dissecting everyone else’s funnels to see what makes them work, and presenting them to his members so they will succeed with their own funnels.  The funnels I have used of Russell’s have all worked incredibly well.  It’s like everything else to do with the internet business, it all depends on you and the effort you want to put forth.  But, if you are serious about building sales funnels and increasing your sales and want to learn from a master that is sincere about seeing YOU succeed, then Funnel University is the place for you.  IF you are a little skittish about it, Russell does have other products you could try first to get your feet wet and learn more about him.

Funnel University

This is where you pay for education way cheaper than the brick and mortar universities and stand to make a lot more down the road with no student loans. Everything you learn here is RELEVANT to what you need for your business and to increase your sales.  Sales funnels are torn apart and explained, hundreds of samples are presented for you to see how and what makes them work, with monthly newsletters showing the top two of Russell’s picks for that month.  You get extra bonuses which are worth more than the course itself, in my opinion.  And excellent support throughout round out this excellent platform.

Name: Funnel University
Owners: Russell Brunson
Price: 14-Day Free Trial/$67 mo/ $597 year

VERDICT:         TOTALLY LEGIT!              

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