How to Blog for Free

th-33Blogging can be one of the most satisfying activities one can do.  I’m sure more folks would be blogging but are worried about the cost of maintaining a blog website.   I want to show you how to blog for free.  Then you can write to your hearts content with no worries of expense!

Useful information

First, just a couple of things.  For your best results ,whether you’re writing just for the satisfaction of writing or to have an income, is to write about something you have a passion for.  Something that you could talk about on and on and on and never tire of talking about it.  This way, you’ll be writing from the heart and it will come across as honest and meaningful.  And, of course, content is good, but, the main thing is you want it to be useful to your readers.  This will bring folks back to your blog site over and over.  It will build trust with your readers and with Google, who will send more readers to your site.  And if you’re doing this for an income, this is very important.


Of course, you’ll need a website.  I personally like WordPress for writing blogs.  It’s easy to navigate around and not complicated.  You can search the internet and find quite a few platforms that offer free websites, but some will have pop-up ads or hidden up-sells needed to really pull off a nice website.  I have found the best available out there.  It’s what I’m using right now.  And the best part is it’s free.  No cost whatsoever.  And it uses WordPress.

Check it out

Take some time and look through my website.  This will give you an idea first hand of what th-34you can do.  If you like what you see, go here to find more information on this platform and how you can have the same thing for free.  In fact, you can set your website up in about 30 seconds if you so desire!

Hopefully, I have pointed you in the right direction of doing something you love at a low cost.  $0

If you have any questions, leave them above and I’ll be more than happy to answer best I can.   Or simply leave me a comment on your thoughts.  Just click on “leave a comment” at the top of the blog.  Or, you can catch me on my profile at Wealthy Affiliate!

Happy blogging!


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